Friday, December 9, 2011

Kate Middleton Zara Dress Sold Out Within 24 Hours

Kate Middleton Zara Dress Sold Out Within 24 Hours. Anything clothes used by Kate Middleton would immediately become the target of many women. This is evident, after a variety of clothing that she used to be hunted, now, one of Kate Middleton dress become highlight again.

Reported by the Daily Mail, the clothing that she worn when watching a music concert for charity was a Zara. That Kate Middleton Dress is made ​​from lace mini dress. Within an hour, the clothing called 'The tulip-shaped mini-dress' is selling well with different size.

Kate Zara Dress Sold 24 Hours kate middleton zara black dress

In London , that dress is sold out, as well as through online purchase. The dress price is about £ 69.99 or about $100. 'The tulip-shaped mini-dress' can still be found, but the price has increased three-fold. Dress is sold on the auction site for £ 220 or about USD 3 million.

Not at this time only, Kate Middleton clothes ares to be hunted. Previously, she used Topshop dress at 25th anniversary in 2007 also sold out within 24 hours. Does not stop there, brown dress retailers output when Kate met Michael Reiss Obama at Buckingham Palace is also sold out.
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