Friday, October 21, 2011

Kate Middleton at Madame Tussauds

Kate Middleton at Madame Tussauds. AFTER Lady Gaga, the famous waxwork museum Madame Tussauds plans to bring the statue of Kate Middleton.

She will be placed in the ranks of the British Royal Family wax statue. The statue is scheduled to be shown to the public before the end of 2011.

In a statement issued by the Madame Tussauds museum, a statue of Kate Middleton will be made ​​like her marriage to Prince William in Westminster Abbey.

Kate Middleton at Madame Tussauds

As each candle sculpture takes the average processing time for four months, so the statue of Middleton predicted "complete" in August. In addition, the museum also still waiting for the certainty of Middleton on the will she donated clothing to be worn on the statue itself.

"The model and the pose of the statue itself depends on what Kate Middleton wants. So is the clothing that will she donated to the museum to be worn on the statue itself, "said a spokeswoman for Madame Tussauds, as reported by the BBC.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Kate Middleton Style with Canadian Red Sweatshirt

Kate Middleton Style with Canadian Red Sweatshirt. This is another casual Kate Middleton style. This photo was taken when Kate Middleton and Prince William visited Blatchford Lake on July 5, 2011.

In this photo, Kate Middleton spotted wore Canadian red Sweatshirt. You can use this Kate Middleton's style for casual or outdoor activity and occasion. What a romantic photo!

kate middleton style canadian rangers sweatshirt

Who is Kate Middleton's New Designer?

Who is Kate Middleton's New Designer? When Kate Middleton attended Child Bereavement Charity event, she wore a beauty red gown.

But that gown not specially made for her. The designer behind that red gown is Lavinia and Natasha. They are the founders of Beulah London.

kate middleton beulah london designer

Beulah London is an unusual clothing concept. Lavinia dan Natasha are very delighted when Kate Middleton wore they clothes. And it is very amazing. They expect that Kate Middleton continue to wore another Beulah London clothes.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How Sarah Burton Made Kate's Wedding Gown?

How Sarah Burton Made Kate's Wedding Gown? The Mystery of the dress Kate Middleton finally revealed. She wore a stunning ivory dress Sarah Burton's work, the designer of fashion house Alexander McQueen.

Thin veil covered her face with a hand embroidered tiara lent by Queen Elizabeth II. Smiled broadly and waved to the masses, with Kate dress holding a bouquet of flowers, which include Sweet William flowers.

Prince William show appreciation and say, "You look beautiful." William wore a military uniform red color. Sarah Burton was thought to be the chosen designer.

Kate has worked with Burton to formulate the design, combined tradition and modernity. "This is a wedding dress with a very fine detail, far more subtle than the dress Princess Diana on her marriage with William's father, Prince Charles, 1981," says the famous German designer, Karl Lagerfeld.

How Sarah Burton Made Kate's Wedding Gown

Told to French television station, he said, the dress was "very pretty, relatively classic, but appropriate decor. With a little touch of the era of the 1950s, reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe or a wedding dress of Queen Elizabeth II ".

Lagerfeld adds, "This dress is elegant and personalized." The dress has long sleeves made of lace with ivory satin bodice.

The skirt is made of satin, resembles a flower in bloom, with bends and folds. This skirt is also made of white silk with a tail measuring 2.7 meters, is relatively short by royal standards.

Diana's dress has a long tail 7.6 meters. The tail and her bodice adorned with lace flowers. The design motif in this section include roses, thistle, and the other two types of flowers, four flower became the symbol of England.

The workers from the Royal School of Needlework help making the dress. They wash their hands every 30 minutes to lace and threads clean and the needle replaced every three hours in order to stay sharp.

Kate wore a veil made of strands of silk tulle soft ivory color with embroidered flowers hand edge. The sheath had fallen to below the waist, held by a Cartier tiara lent Queen Elizabeth II.

Kate's shoes are also made of satin and lace, the work of Alexander McQueen fashion house team. Burton took over as creative director at the fashion house's after Alexander McQueen committed suicide, in February 2010. Burton has teamed with McQueen for 14 years.

Kate Middleton and Cat Deelay Wore The Same Red Gown

Kate Middleton and Cat Deelay Wore The Same Red Gown. When Kate Middleton was attended Child Bereavement Charity Gala, she wore Long Sleeved Red Gown.

Kate Middleton's style usually become the first style that will imitated bay her fans. But in her red gown, some people think that that red gown not specially made for Kate Middleton.

Another celebrities like Cat Deelay spotted wore the same dress when she hosted "Royally Mad," a special for BBC. Here is the side by side picture of Kate Middleton and Cat Deelay wore the same dress.

Kate Middleton and Cat Deelay wore the same red gown dress

That picture has displayed by People Magazine and ask her readers to vote who are the most beautiful look with that red gown dress. The result is 67.3 percent most voters prefer that dress wore by Kate Middleton than Cat Deelay.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Kate Middleton Outfits - Which Are Your Favorite?

Kate Middleton Outfits - Which Are Your Favorite? After Kate Middleton officially become The Duchess of Cambridge, she started her social duty to visiting some place around the world. She has visited some country like Canada and United States. The interesting things about her tour is Kate Middleton outfits.

During her tour, every people make some attention about her outfits. She always perform pretty well with her outfits. On each country, Kate bring her simple style to the public. Not too over dressed and she matched with every situation and occasion.

Here are some Kate Middleton Outfits that can inspire your style.

Kate Middleton Outfits

For another complete Kate Middleton's outfits, you can visit this link below.

Kate Middleton Style For Less

How to Get Kate Middleton's Style Look for Less. I know you must be search for some information or tutorials about Kate Middleton Style for Less.

You still can look attractive without over dressed. Kate Middleton style for less is one of example style that you can try.

The important thing on this style is, you have to do the right things on mix and match. But the hardest things is you have to find some items that suitable for your budget.

 Kate Middleton is one of style icon who buy fashion items smartly. She often used the same clothes. And she also used some street brands.

Here are some lookbook and pictures of Kate Middleton style look for less.

1. Kate's Blue Lace Dress
kate middleton style for less 1
2. Kate's Gray Shift

kate middleton style look for less 2

3. Kate's Polka-Dot Dress

kate middleton style look for less

Monday, October 17, 2011

Kate Middleton's Height

Kate Middleton's Height. Every celebrities would be proud if you get compliments about the appearance from famous Italian fashion designer, Giorgio Armani. Kate Middleton, the wife of Prince William, who recently won praise from Giorgio Armani.

One of them is Kate Middleton, the wife of Prince William. Kate Middleton praised by Giorgio Armani because she has an attractive appearance. She has a good posture.

Kate Middleton's height is an ideal height for average women. As reported by Femalefirst, Armani said that Kate Middleton has a very high awareness of fashion trends . "Kate is very wise and forthright, but has the awareness is very high fashion trends," said Armani.

Kate Middleton Height

Armani also assess Kate has a great taste and it shows when she used to choose the dress of the most elegant and expensive. "I see that Kate will be accepted by people around the world.

She will choose the dress and the most graceful and expensive fashion for important events, "said Armani.

So, how Kate Middleton Height?

According to some Internet sources, Kate Middleton's height is about 5'10" or 174 Cm. It is an ideal height for her. So, she can wore a good dress an look amazing.

Kate Middleton's Hairdresser - Kate's Message Before The Wedding

Kate Middleton's Hairdresser - Kate's Message Before The Wedding. Kate Middleton wants her wedding finery is not much different from her everyday natural makeup. This includes for her hair styles. Therefore, Kate has a special message for her hair stylist, Richard Ward.

What is the Kate Middleton's Hairdresser duty for the royal wedding?

"William must have recognized me as soon as I arrived at the altar," Kate said as quoted by the Daily Mail. That is the Kate Middleton's message to Richard Ward, the owner of Salon in London.

With that message, she simultaneously emphasizes that she does not want to over-dressed, which might actually cause William does not instantly recognize it when they met at the altar to say the marriage vows.

Kate Middleton Hairdresser

Richard was given the responsibility to arrange Kate Middleton's hair, Kate's mother - Carole Middleton, and Kate's sister - Pippa Middleton. Richard revealed that he had made ​​some preparations to provide the best for Kate. "We had plenty of practice," said Richard.

According to him, he and Kate have tried several hairstyles to determine where the most good for the prospective bride's bride. Richard was not going to encounter difficulty while dressing her.

"She was really pretty. We were lucky because she has beautiful hair, " said Richard.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Kate Middleton Hair Secrets

Kate Middleton Hair Secrets. Since her wedding with Prince William. Kate Middleton become highlight in every media. Not only her style, Kate Middleton's hair also become centre of attention. Every women want to copy Kate Middleton's style and also Kate Middleton's Hair.

Why Kate Middleton's Hair become favorite? When we see Kate Middleton hair, she look beautiful with her hair style. Her hair not only beauty but also look healthy.

So, what is the secret of Kate Middleton Hair?

If you want a hair like Kate Middleton, the first thing you have to do is threat you hair everyday. Go to your best salon. Kate Middleton has a personal hair salon at Chelsea London.

The name of Kate Middleton's personal hair salon is Richard Ward Hair and Metrospa. Kate Middleton spend her time about four hours every 8 week to threat body.

Kate Middleton Hair

She also threat her hair at that place. To recover her hair color, Kate Middleton used organic hair color. It's safe for her hair because the organic hair color made from organic vegetables.

 Richard, the owner of that place give some tips and secret about how to make your hair like Kate Middleton.

Here are the tips of Kate Middleton Hair. For those of you who have long hair, should be routinely cut a little hair. Intensive care for six weeks is also very necessary, to get healthy hair

Kate Middleton's Bags

Kate Middleton's Bags. After shoes, women love bags. Kate Middleton's bags are one of fashion item which can be the most make attention after her dress. Like Princess Diana, Kate Middleton also wore her favorite bags. Kate Middleton often spotted wore some Tod's D-Bag. Tod's D-Bag become one of favorite Kate Middleton's bags.

kate middleton bags tod'd d-bag

Besides Tod's D-Bag, Kate Middleton also spotted wore Mulberry bag. She wore that bag at North American Tour. She wore that bag with navy blue dress and blazer. That bags is suitable for some formal occasion. 

Here is another picture of Kate Middleton's Bag. 

kate middleton bags tod's d-bag brown

In that picture, Kate Middleton spotted another tod's D-bag. She wore it after visited celebrity hairdresser Richard Ward’s Chelsea studio in London on Saturday September 26, 2009.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Kate Middleton Style Moments - Top 15 Duchess of Cambridge's Timeless Style

Kate Middleton Style Moments - Top 15 Duchess of Cambridge's Timeless Style. When Kate wore something, it's gonna be some trend. All fashion store around the world starting to sell about fashion items which Kate Middleton wore. Kate Middleton Style always become highlight in fashion magazine.

When Kate attended some event, her appearance always make some attention and she looks amazing. If you one of fans of Kate Middleton Style, here are some Kate Middleton Style Moments, The Top 15 Timeless Kate Middleton Style which can inspire you.

Kate Middleton Style Moments #1 - Charity Fashion Show 2002

On that charity fashion show, Kate Middleton wore some transparent dress that make some attraction to Prince William. That dress finally sold in auction about £78,000.

Kate Middleton Style Moments #2 - Game Fair at Bleinheim Palace 2004

The unique items of this Kate Middleton style is her boots. Her socks peeping out of her boots. Kate Middleton use this style when attended Game Fair at Bleinheim Palace.

Kate Middleton Style Moments #3 - Hugh Van Cutsem Junior & Rose Astor Wedding 2005

When attended this wedding, Kate Middleton wore pastel Blazer with black and white strip skirt. For head accessories, she used Black Fascinator. 

Kate Middleton Style Moments #4 - Laura Parker-Bowles and Harry Lopes wedding 2006

When she use this style, her headpiece become centre of attraction. She looked good with her khakis coat. But she often used that khakis coat for some event. She wore that khakis coat again at Zhara Phillips Wedding.

Kate Middleton Style Moments #5 - Prince William's graduation at RMA, Sandhurst 2006

Kate Middleton used this style when her dear Prince's graduated as an officer, Kate donned a red and black ensemble. Her look was made complete with a hat and beautiful gloves.

Kate Middleton Style Moments #6 - At Royal Air Force Cranwell 2008

She used this style when attended Prince William Event, Prince William received his Royal Air Force wings from his father. Kate Middleton wore an off-white coat and black knee-high boots. This style make Kate Middleton looked pretty.

Kate Middleton Style Moments #7 - Charity Roller Disco, London 2008

kate middleton style momets at charity roller disco

Kate showed a different side? Yes she did. Kate Middleton wore  yellow shorts and a sequinned top for the Charity Roller Disco in London. I think this style is to much color. But when Kate Middelton used it, it still looks amazing.

Kate Middleton Style Moments #8 - Nicholas Van Cutsem and Alice Hadden-Paton Wedding

In that event, Kate Middleton wore coat over a dress by her favourite designer Issa. The color of her coat is very beautiful. What a good color coordination. She also wore a beautiful headpiece.

Kate Middleton Style Moments #9 - Kate's Blue Dress at Royal Engagement 2010

kate middleton style moments blue dress at royal engagement

The most favorite dress at that time. After her engagement announcement, Kate Middleton's blue dress by Issa become popular.

Kate Middleton Style Moments #10 - Royal Engagement Official Portrait

That is the official Royal Engagement Potrait of Kate Middleton and Prince William. At that moment, Kate Middleton wore a white Reiss Dress. 

Kate Middleton Style Moments #11 - Royal Cowboy

Kate Middleton Style Moments Royal Dress Style

Kate Middleton wore that cowboy style when she visited Canada. She and Prince William visited Calgary Stampede, a place to watch some cowboy show. 

Kate Middleton Style Moments #12 - UK premiere of Tenacity Of The Tasman, London 2009

This photograph was taken in 2009 when Kate Middleton attended UK premiere of Tenacity Of The Tasman in London's Leicester Square with Holly Branson. After that, Kate Middleton went to the Club at Orchid Nightclub. At that day, Kate Middleton wearing a Black Jacket and Blue Dress. 

Kate Middleton Style Moments #13 - Navy Blue Military Coat

Kate Middleton wore Coat with double-breasted models at Irish Guard ceremony. Coat navy blue used. She also added a brooch on the lapel. Brooch found in this collar is a symbol of Irsih Guard with clover shape.

Kate Middleton Style Moments #14 - Shopping Alone

The royal bride-to-be looks stylish and slender in this Issa short-sleeved black wrap dress and tan heels while shopping on Kings Road in London.

Kate Middleton Style Moments #15 - The Black Jacket, 2007

Catherine Elizabeth Middleton leaves at her home in London, Monday, Jan. 8, 2007. Kate, whose friends describe her as down-to-earth, does not come from an aristocratic background. Her parents are self-made millionaires, but Middleton's family were mineworkers a few generations before her.

Those are some Kate Middleton Style Moments which can inspire your style. I hope you can improve your style with those Kate's picture.


Friday, October 14, 2011

Kate Middleton with Long Sleeved Red Gown at Child Bereavement Charity Gala

Kate Middleton with Long Sleeved Red Gown at Child Bereavement Charity Gala. Kate Middleton and her husband Prince William attended big event at St Jame's Palace. Kate Middleton looked hot in that event. Kate Middleton wore a red slinky long-sleeved, full-length ruby-coloured gown for that event.

Kate and William attended Child Bereavement Charity Gala. But with that Long Sleeved Red Gown, Kate Middleton looked more skinny. I prefer watch her in the last 2008 or 2009 before she married. She still has an ideal body weight.

After she married with Prince William, Kate Middleton reduce her body weight with strict diet.

kate middleton long sleeved red gown charity event

The charity event successfully raised about £675,000. The Child Bereavement Charity directly helped thousands of families and in the past year.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Transparent Stockings Become More Popular Because of Kate Middleton

Transparent Stockings Become More Popular Because of Kate Middleton. Kate Middleton often received criticism because she often using skin color stockings which are popular in 1980. But apparently that stockings followed by many Kate Middleton fans and make that stockings is back in demand.

Many people are considered, the effect of these stockings make Kate Middleton looks old. But like celebrities, her own sister Pippa Middleton and young actress Hayden Panettiere was started to follow this trend.

kate middleton transparent stockings

It is observed by shopping UK, Debenhams. They also launched a transparent stockings for all skin colors for everyday wear. In contrast to most of the stockings that have a glossy effect, this product truly resembles the color of the wearer's skin, but make your feet stay warm.

Joana Townsend, buyers in the clothing department Debenhams said: "This woman's arms to keep warm in winter, when wearing black stockings look depressed."

Townsend also said that the transparent stockings are made ​​based on research by the lack of production of stockings for those who are dark skinned. During this time the color of 'natural' and nude 'tends to make her legs look too bright and make legs effects like distorted.

Kate Middleton Prohibited by Queen Elizabeth to Appeared in Vogue Magazine Cover

Kate Middleton Prohibited by Queen Elizabeth to Appeared in Vogue Magazine Cover. Anna Wintour want to use Kate Middleton as Vogue magazine cover. But Kate Middleton prohibited by Queen Elizabeth.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, Queen Elizabeth said that she is not impressed with the idea about Kate Midlleton appeared in fashion magazines. Kate Middleton also refused the offer earlier to appeared in the cover of British Vogue magazine.

A source from E! told, "She realized that the grandmother-in-law could not be rebuked when he appeared on the cover of Vogue. But surely the queen was glad about that. Queen Elizabeth was a clever in making people curious and anxious only to the appearance . "

Anna Wintour said to have contacted Mario Testino, the photographer 'royal wedding' to photograph Kate Midlleton ​​in the cover of American Vogue magazine. Unfortunately, until now there has been no clarity about that.

"A lot of magazines that have been trying to get Kate, and many assume that the magazine could possibly do that is Vogue. However, despite the Mario Testino too, is still not clear what will happen. There must be approval from the palace, and they are very protective of Kate, "said another source told the New York Post.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mary Portas Dismisses Kate Middleton Fashion Sense

Mary Portas Dismisses Kate Middleton Fashion Sense. Every people in the world is known Kate Middleton as Style Icon. Kate Middleton also has many fashion and style followers. Many women wants to copy the Kate Middleton's Style. However, there are some people who dislike Kate Middleton style. One of them is Mary Portas. Mary Portas Dismisses Kate Middleton Fashion and Style Sense.

Mary Portas still don't know, why Kate Middleton style and fashion become hype. Mary Portas Not convinced that Kate Middleton as a style icon.

When Mary Portas interviewed by Heat Magazine, she said "I do not know how you can say Kate Middleton is a fashion icon. Is that fashion? I just don't get that."

But the fact, Kate Middleton style is still become popular. Every dress which wore by Kate Middleton will sold just in a second. Many designer and world celebrities praised her elegant and chic looks.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Kate Middleton's Fashion Show

Kate Middleton's Fashion Show. While in college, Kate Middleton ever done fashion show for charity. On that fashion show, Kate Middleton wearing a transparent trough dress. In the latest news info,  Kate Middleton's transparent trough dress sold in auction about $125, 884. Before she married, Prince William attended in Kate Middleton fashion show. He attended Kate Middleton fashion show only to saw her.

Kate Middleton Fashion show

Some news information tell that Kate Middleton dress give attention to Prince William on this fashion show. After that Kate Middleton Fashion show, Prince William started to give more attention to Kate Middleton. That Kate Middleton Fashion Show changed Prince William life. If he never attend that fashion show, maybe he never see Kate Middleton.

Prince William saw Kate Middleton Fashion Show

On that fashion show, Kate Middleton become the center of attention. Everyone saw her dress and look amazing, including Prince William.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Kate Middleton with Black Skinny Jeans and Green Sweater

Kate Middleton with Black Skinny Jeans and Green Sweater. In this picture below, we can see that Kate Middleton shopping alone. She bring her shopping trolley to her car. As an Princess, why she doesn't has a servant? I think she still enjoy to doing her daily activity without servants. Kate Middleton also often to shopping for her wardrobe alone. In this photo, Kate Middleton wearing skinny black jeans with white sweater. She also added green scarf for her accessories.

kate middleton with black skinny jeans and green sweater

If you look that picture in detail, Kate Middleton also wearing her wedding ring. But unfortunately, i think her hair look terrible.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Kate Middleton Will Become a Queen of Art

Finally, Kate Middleton, will be crowned as Ambassador to the institutions of art. Kate Middleton will become a queen of art. Kate Middletin activity may be increased busy. Kate Middleton activity as the ambassador of art institutions, among others, is that he will meet with directors and curators at the museum and gallery. This is done by Kate Middleton so she can know more about the art world.

Some places will be visited by Kate Middleton as the National Gallery and Potrait Gallery.

Kate Middleton become Queen of Art

Middleton is considering providing support to several national arts institutions, possibly including the Tate, National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery and the V & A.

Interesting news is that Kate Middleton will study art history at St. Andrew's University, where she met her prince.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sarah Burton's Next Design For Kate Middleton

Sarah Burton's Next Design For Kate Middleton. Some Fans of Paris Fashion Week, still expect Sarah Burton to keep the design of clothing with a royal theme. They still wanted Sarah burton to make clothes like Kate Middleton. The last few months, Sarah Burton still has a collection of clothes from Kate Middleton.

Kate Middleton and Sarah Burton Next Design

But today, it looks like Sarah Burton will try to do something new. Want to create new designs. Kate Middleton still want Sarah Burton as designer clothes. Sarah Burton will make some clothes for Kate Middleton which can make Kate Middleton look more feminine.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Kate Middleton Style with Cream Dress and Nude Shoes

Kate Middleton Style with Cream Dress and Nude Shoes. In the picture below, we can see a very harmonious couple. Kate Middleton looks use a cream dress with nude shoes. While Prince William uses dark blue suit. By using a cream dress, Kate Middleton looks simple and elegant. Kate Middleton Style is like the original. No one could resemble the style. If you use a cream dress, you may not be as beautiful as Kate Middleton.

Nude shoes Kate Middleton is already frequently wear. But it still fits, although used repeatedly. Kate Middleton knows exactly how to use old clothes. Kate's hair looks all curly and shiny and Bouncy

Monday, October 3, 2011

Kate Middleton Engagement Ring Was Mysteriously Missing

Kate Middleton Engagement Ring Was Mysteriously Missing. When Kate Middleton visited the Royal Marsden cancer hospital, Kate is seen wearing her famous engagement ring. The hospital was already nearly 30 years have never had a visit from the kingdom. Last time, the hospital was visited by Princess Diana.

Kate Middleton and Prince William had planned to open oak center for children and young people.

kate middleton engagement ring missing

At the time of hospital visits, many people see that Kate Middleton did not use her engagement ring. Kate Middleton engagement ring suddenly missing.

But apparently, Kate Middleton engagement ring is actually not lost but stored in a special place. This is done because the procedure at the hospital. Valuables owned by Kate Middleton as a ring at the store in a special place, and she can wander freely around the hospital.
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