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6 Facts About Kate Middleton's Biography

6 Facts About Kate Middleton's Biography. Many things and other facts of Kate Middleton is not yet known. Prior to her marriage with Prince William, many people who do not know who Kate Middleton. Here are some interesting facts about Kate Middleton.

1. Kate will become the oldest royal bride. Kate Middleton get married at the age of 29 years. Meanwhile, Princess Diana, were married at the age of 20 years with Prince Charles in 1981. But that age makes Kate Middleton has a better chance for a future with William. The couple, who married at the age of nearly 30 years, has a smaller risk of divorce than those who married young.

2. Unlike most other brides, she does not need to bother thinking about the details of stress or luxury weddings. In addition to choosing a bridesmaid (possibly involving his sister, Pippa), Kate other responsibilities just look fabulous and be the perfect royal bride. Everything else will be prepared by the staff of the kingdom, according to a source at the magazine U.S. empire.

kate middleton biography

3. After marriage, she wanted to be called by his real name, Catherine. He felt the name Catherine is more appropriate to use. If one day he and William became king and queen, Kate will be 6th Queen in the UK.

4. She chose to wear a diamond ring and 18-carat sapphire engagement ring belonging to Diana, because this ring means so much to William. Even so, Prince Harry did not seem to follow her to choose something to his future wife at Zales diamond store. He reportedly wanted to inherit property Diana Cartier watches.

5. It took eight years until finally William felt confident with her choice, and decided to marry Kate. But after marriage, it seems Kate does not need to work hard and develop her own career. She reportedly will always accompany William in all its activities. Currently she has commissioned four of Scotland Yard bodyguard to protect him, to adjust itself to a new public role.

6. Kate has grown into a new fashion icon in England. Even so, her performance will now be further considered. For example, a blue dress she wore during a press conference to announce his engagement was designed by Issa London. Since then, every item worn-Kate from head to toe, always be discussed thoroughly.

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Kate Middleton's Photoshoped Picture on Grazia Magazine

Kate Middleton's Photoshoped Picture on Grazia Magazine. British magazine Grazia, has been declared guilty in the cover of her magazine. On the cover, there are pictures Kate Middleton wedding gown. On the cover of the magazine, Kate Middleton images edited so it looks slim. In the original picture, Kate Middleton with Prince William on the right. But the Grazia magazine edited Kate Middleton at the picture.

Apparently it is not the first time, There is a lot a few pictures of Kate Middleton were edited in various magazines in the UK.

grazia magazine kate middleton photoshoped picture

Kate Middleton Pregnant?

Kate Middleton Pregnant? Kate Middleton had reportedly difficult to have children due to her illness. Now the Duchess of Cambridge was rumored to have a miscarriage. According to a report from American magazine, Globe, she had just married to Prince William in April, has just suffered a miscarriage. Sources said that Prince William was not with her when it happened.

In a report last May, the mother-in-law, Camilla Parker-Bowles told her friends that she can not have kids. This is because the woman was born January 9, 1982 that the disease which makes it difficult to have a baby.

"The health complications of adolescence may have an impact on her ability to get pregnant," said a source close to Camilla.

Neither William nor his father, Prince Charles, both born in a vulnerable time not long after their parents marry. This proves that the royal couple have immediate pressure to have offspring.

"If she is not pregnant within the next nine months, he would oppose the 200 years of British tradition," said Andrew Morton, biographer of the kingdom, as quoted from Showbizspy.

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Kate Middleton with Grey Gown by Issa Label

Kate Middleton with Grey Gown by Issa Label. Many of the clothes from Kate Middleton that uses the brand of Issa. Issa is a favorite label of Kate Middleton. On the day of the announcement of the engagement to Prince William, Kate also wore a blue dress from Issa. In the photo below, she also wore a gown of gray Issa. It was a perfect style. This photo was taken on 2009.

kate middleton grey gown issa

Anne Hathaway inspired by the style and fashion of Kate Middleton

Anne Hathaway inspired by the style and fashion of Kate Middleton. Anne Hathaway is an artist in the movie "Dark Knight Rises". In the film, Anne Hathway role as Catwoman. Anne Hathaway really liked the look of style and fashion of Kate Middleton. According to Anne, Kate Middleton can inspire women to look like a "lady".

Anne Hathaway also said that all he wanted to wear clothes that will follow from Kate Middleton.

anne hathaway kate middleton

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kate Middleton With Yellow Jenny Packham's Dress

Kate Middleton With Yellow Jenny Packham's Dress. In the photograph below, Kate Middleton wearing a yellow Jenny Packham's dress. She wore a yellow Packham dress at the event on her visit to America and Canada. That Kate Middleton's yellow dress has 5 buttons. With that dress, Kate Middleton looks so feminine. Kate's combines that yellow Jenny Packham's Dress with some other fashion.

Kate Middleton wearing yellow Jenny Packham's Dress with nude shoes. These shoes is perfect worn by Kate Middleton as shoe color according to skin color legs.

image by:

Kate Middleton Still The Most Fashionable Royal

Kate Middleton Still The Most Fashionable Royal. Style of Kate Middleton has made women in the world spellbound. With a few simple style and fashion, Kate Middleton be a style icon the world. Kate Middleton became more famous after her marriage to Prince William.

At the wedding Kate Middleton with Prince William, Kate to get a lot of special attention. Especially in the dress she wore, like her eedding dress which was made by Sarah Burton. Since she used the wedding dress, all women be affected to use it. This is a Kate's effect.

Kate Middleton Fashionable Royal

Kate Middleton also always wear clothing that is simple. Not too expensive but suitable. Some of it is exactly what makes Kate Middleton became the best fashionable royal.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Kate Middleton's Weight Closer to 95 Pounds

Kate Middleton's Weight closer to 95 pounds. According to several media sources, Kate Middleton weight decreased. In some recent photos, Kate Middleton looked thin. Some say that Kate Middleton is often for refusing to eat. Kate Middleton often do exercises to burn calories. This is done to keep her body still ideal.

But lately, Kate Middleton looks too skinny. Many opinions that say that there are some things that cause Kate Middleton getting thin. Among other things,

1. Rumors of terrorist threat to Kate Middleton, so that makes stress and become thin. It looks after Kate and William went to the headquarters of the SAS to do the exercises.

2. Concerned about the life of Prince William, because William had to undergo a special operation in the Royal Air Force.

3. Pressure from the public so that Kate Middleton has a son soon.

These things are new rumors, but maybe it could be a major cause of Kate Middleton to become thin.

London Riots - How was Prince William and Kate Middleton?

London Riots - How was Prince William and Kate Middleton? The riots are still occur in Britain until Tuesday (08/09/2011). How was Prince William and Kate Middleton? How secure them from violence?

Quoted from E!, the media is attempting to contact Clarence House, the official contacts of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. But it seems no one can give confirmation.

riot london
                                image by reuters

Even so, according to E!, Kate and William must be in a safe place. It is certainly because they are part of the royal family.

Moreover, recently a newlywed couple had just followed the British SAS soldier safety training in the royal family. As written in The Mirror, Kate and William visited the headquarters of the SAS to get a briefing about their safety. Both also met the wounded soldiers.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Nude Shoes Become a Trend because of Kate

Nude Shoes Become a Trend because of Kate. Currently, nude shoes became popular again. Apparently, the emergence of this trend due to Kate Middleton often wore nude-colored pump shoe on royal occasions. At the moment Kate Middleton attended the wedding of Queen Elizabeth's oldest granddaughter, Zara Philips, She combines nude-colored shoes with khaki-colored coat which she never wore five years ago.

One of the nude color shoe brands most often she wore was L. K. Bennett. After Kate Middleton wore LK Bennett brand shoes, the shoes are sold out both in store and online.

Trends nude color that was crowded in 2010, originally applied to a series of fashion alone. But apparently this trend can be applied in the selection of accessories, especially shoes. Choice of colored leather shoes can keep up appearances in order not to seem ludicrous when wearing bright colors. In addition, the nude color shoes can also give the impression of more foot ladder.

Kate Middleton LK Bennett nude shoes

But unfortunately, not all women are suitable to use the nude color. Brown-skinned women should apply the other colors to appear more fresh. Ivory white color is an alternative to presenting an almost similar to the nude color for dark skinned women.

Kate Middleton's Eye Makeup Problems

Kate Middleton's Eye Makeup Problems. In several appearances in recent events, Kate Middleton appears quite attractive. Clothes and accessories such as hats, became the subject of conversation everyone. But there is one less thing from Kate Middleton. According to Vivienne Westwood, Kate Middle still has trouble with eye makeup.

Westwood said this in an interview with the sunday times magazine. According to Westwood, the lines near the eyes of Kate Middleton Should Be smudgy.

Kate middleton eye makeup

Who Westwood? Maybe you do not already know. Westwood is a person who works in the industry for 40 years. Westwood also a big fan of the style of Kate Middleton.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Kate and William in SAS Training

Kate and William in SAS Training. Prince William and Kate had visited the SAS headquarters for training on terror and the threat of kidnapping. SAS headquarters are in Herefordshire HQ. At that time, Kate and William get training about safety. Kate and William do this visit for the first time. SAS is an elite troop who very helpful at all to protect safety of the royal family. Kate and William visited the SAS with zeal and enthusiasm. This visit will give a good impact for members of the SAS.

Kate Middleton with Phillip Treacy's Grey Hat

Kate Middleton with Phillip Treacy's Grey Hat. This photo below was taken on June 13, 2011. Kate and PrinceWilliam are walking away from the Garter Service at St. George. At that time, Kate Middleton wore a gray hat. Kate Middleton hat is made ​​from Phillip Treacy. Hats are very beautiful and perfect is used by Kate Middleton. At the event, from shoes to hat he was wearing, Kate Middleton uses wore pale gray. At that time, style of Kate Middleton still look attractive and elegant.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kate Middleton with Diane von Furstenberg Green Silk "Maja" Dress

Kate Middleton with Diane von Furstenberg Green Silk "Maja" dress. In the photo below, Kate and Prince William was in Edinburgh. Kate and Prince William use the family yacht to arrive in Edinburgh. Inside the ship there is also the royal family as Prince Harry and Princess Eugenie.

At that time, Kate Middleton wearing a Diane von Furstenberg Green Silk "Maja" dress. The dress she had used during the event in Los Angeles. As we know, that Kate Middleton loves to wear crecycle lothes. Including Diane von Furstenberg Green Silk "Maja" dress.

image by: wireimage

The Hollywood Celebrities Opinion About Kate Middleton

The Hollywood Celebrities Opinion About Kate Middleton. Trips taken by Kate and William to the two countries full schedule of activities, it must be very tiring. Kate Middleton for the first time to accompany Prince William in an official visit.

Kate, who first visited America, claiming excited with this trip. However, not a matter of physical endurance is a concern. Reportedly, the Duchess of Cambridge to worry about not able to remember people's names because so many people have met.

At the time of attending a polo tournament at the Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club in Carpinteria, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) at the Belasco Theatre, or at a private reception at the residence of the producer Steve Tisch at the Beverly Hills, many other celebrities who have the opportunity to meet and exchange stories with Kate and her husband. A variety of their reactions when meeting with the couple personally.

"They made me smile. I like them. I think they are fun. I just finished talking to my mom on the phone, and he said great I could attend this event." Said Nicole Kidman.

"They're the biggest star in the world today, no doubt. I am very proud of them. Their influence on Hollywood, which has the biggest stars in the world, show you who they are. I think they also reinvigorate the monarchy. They become outstanding ambassadors for our country. They fly the flag in brilliant style, and for me it's very exciting." Piers Morgan said, talk show hosts.

"These were the last media star. As long as we pretend to be, and paid for it. They were the true star." Jason Bateman said.

"Kate's tiny waist really, yes. I never saw such a small waist. I could not stop talking about it." (Terri Seymour, British model and presenter, a former lover Simon Cowell)

"They were so fresh, so elegant. I am a huge fan of them, and had repeatedly watched their wedding."
Jennifer Love Hewitt said.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sara Buys: Kate Middleton Does not Need Fashion Stylist

Sara Buys: Kate Middleton Does not Need Fashion Stylist. Kate Middleton is a style icon. Style of Kate Middleton of really can fascinates many people. When she attended an event, some paparazzi and many people always pay attention to her clothes. So, if a Kate Middleton is still in need of a Fashion Stylist?

According to Sara Buys, Kate Middleton is a woman who is naturally able to look attractive. Kate is a naturally stylish woman. Seems a bit strange if she still needs a fashion stylist.

Sara Buys also said that Kate Middleton is very clever in choosing a suitable outfit for her body. We can see his performance as long as he went to Canada.But the fact is, before her marriage with Prince William, Kate Middleton is still using the services of a Professional Adviser for her wedding dress.

Kate Middleton With Jenny Packham's Pink Gown

Kate Middleton With Jenny Packham's Pink Gown. Dinner in The 10th Annual Absolute Return for Kids (ARK), a moment for the Duchess of Cambridge for his first official duties as a royal princess. Kate Middleton accompany Prince William to attend an event held in Perks Field.

As usual, the most eagerly awaited by the reporter that night was, who dress worn by Kate. And Kate, gracefully stepped out of his Jaguar car in a dress of organza material from Jenny Packham. Kate Middleton also wore shoes from LK Bennett brand, as well as the clutch bag. Overall, looks simple but elegant.

During this time, Kate was able to make clothes which is a collection of moderately priced brands such as Topshop, Zara and Reiss, be like a dress designer. However, the choice of clothing for the ARK Gala Dinner event is touted to have increased its class.

Kate Middleton Jenny Packham Gown

Pale pink gown with a price of 3800 pounds is a collection for spring / summer 2011 from the British designer. The dress is sold in boutiques in Mayfair Packham is decorated with beads and crystals. A high neckline gives the impression of a sophisticated, and the pieces are attached to the body really accentuate her slender body.

Jenny Packham is better known as a designer for wedding dresses, and had become one of the alleged designer will design her wedding dress first. But the evening dresses Packham apparently a favorite of celebrities to appear on the red carpet.

Beyonce, Sarah Jessica Parker, Angelina Jolie, and Vanessa Hudgens, looks never used Packham collection. Emma Roberts was even wearing the same dress as worn at the Oscars Kate end of February.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Kelly Osbourne: She should not recycle her wardrobe

Kelly Osbourne: She should not recycle her wardrobe. In a televised interview on Jay Leno show, Kelly Osbourne comment on the Style of Kate Middleton. Kelly considers that in fact, she should not wear recycle clothing. Kate is a important royal person. She definitely has a lot of money to buy nice clothes and expensive. Supposedly, a woman such as Kate Middleton wearing a new outfit every day. Does not need her old clothes she used repeatedly.

But in my opinion, no problem using the recycle clothing. Over the past can look attractive and unobtrusive, recycle clothes can also save money in shopping for clothes.

image by:

Katie Holmes Wants to Design Kate Middleton's Clothes

Katie Holmes Wants to Design Kate Middleton's Clothes. Designing clothes for the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton appears to be the dream of all designers. Wife of Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes is one of them.

All matters relating to the wife of Prince William is always a concern. Including clothing and the way she dressed. Almost all the dresses or overalls she was wearing, always out on the market.

Perhaps this is the reason of Katie Holmes. Katie Holmes wants Kate Middleton wearing clothes from his fashion line, 'Holmes & Yang'.

"Everyone in England loves her, the Duchess of Cambridge. I really wanted to design clothes for her," said Katie Holmes, as quoted by Female First.

In addition to dress like Kate Middleton, Katie wants to design clothes for famous singers such as Alicia Keys and Adele. Not only that, she also wanted the costumes worn by all the women from housewives to women state officials.

"I really like Adele and Alicia Keys. There are many women from rockstar to heads of state who want me dressed. But I would be very happy if housewives, teachers and other women like my fashion collection," said Katie.

As has been reported previously, she worked with her ​​stylist, Jeanne Yang in releasing the clothing line. 'Holmes & Yang' sold in one department store in New York, Barneys. Dresses are also sold online.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

How Much Does Kate Middleton's Hat Price at Zara Phillips Wedding?

How Much Does Kate Middleton's Hat Price at Zara Phillips Wedding? When Kate attended the wedding Zara Phillips, The Hats which worn by Kate Middleton become the center of attention. That Gina Foster hat design is very beautiful when worn by Kate Middleton. But do you know how much that hat price?

Sources of said that these caps are custom. Created during the ten days before the wedding of Zara Philips. The price are about $675.

Kate asks Gina Foster to make these hats for weddings Zara Philips. Kate asks cream color to match the color coat and bag he was wearing.

That hat is indeed more suitable for casual events, but also very good for weddings.

Kate Back in The List of Vanity Vair's International Best Dressed

Kate Back in The List of Vanity Vair's International Best Dressed. Kate Middleton Back During a visit to Canada, Kate Middleton has given inspiration to many women. Style of kate middleton has many fascinating mostly American and Canadian women. Because of that, Kate Middleton finally included again in the list of Vanity Vair's International Best Dressed  in 2011.

In 2008, Kate Middleton has also been included in the list of Best Dressed Vanity Vair an at this year, Kate Middleton back in that list.

Kate Middleton deserved those awards. Style of Kate Middleton has a character and simple. Always looks interesting even she not use the wardrobe or expensive clothes.

Kate Middleton really like the clothes are cheap. Kate was good at combining clothes. Versatility is what makes her work look good in public.

Beside Kate Middleton, there are some artists and other figures included in the category of best dressed vanity vair 2011.
  1. Carla Bruni-Sarkozy
  2. Sheikha Moza bint Nasser 
  3. Andrea Dellal,
  4. Carey Mulligan
  5. Christine Lagarde
  6. Tilda Swinton
  7. Lizzie Tisch
  8. Puteri Charlene 
  9. Jane Lauder Warsh

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kate Middleton Avoid Expensive Clothes For Her Wardrobe

Kate Middleton Avoid  Expensive Clothes For Her Wardrobe. Kate Middleton clearly not a fan of expensive clothes. Kate Middleton also not a big fan of famous world designer clothes or brand. The proof is, she recently saw explore the shops of high street brands such as Warehouse and Banana Republic.

Reported by, Kate MIddleton looks come to Warehouse in London, Tuesday (19/04/2011) ago. Nine days ahead of her marriage with Prince William, it spent U.S. $ 350 to buy summer clothes.

Once in the store for 30 minutes, she left the place to buy four dresses. Dresses she bought is: one-shoulder dress, tropical bird print dress, dress with flowers and lace blouse with details on the sleeves.

From the Warehouse, Kate bought more clothes to her honeymoon with Prince William. She appears to impose a simple epic black dress designed by Issa and bought brown shoes kitten heels, she later came to Banana Republic stores. In that store, Prince William's fiancee bought Cardigan pale blue, maxi dress flowers, and knitted top.

With some ordinary clothes, the style of kate middleton still looks awesome. You can try that Kate's behavior to upgrade her wardrobe.

Kate Middleton's Hat by Gina Foster Design

Kate Middleton's Hat by Gina Foster Design. At the wedding of Zara Phillips, Kate Middleton using a long brown coat. This is a collection of his old coat. Since 2006, Kate Middleton has often used this long coat.

At the wedding, the special style of Kate Middleton is the hat that make some people pay attention to her. Kate Middleton uses a new hat. The brown hat, designed by Gina Foster.

kate middleton hat gina foster

That Kate Middleton's hat is really new. She was wore that hat for the first time at Zara Phillips wedding. That hat which designed by Gina Foster looks a bit big and like a pancake. But when Kate put it on, she still awesome.

kate middleton brown hat gina foster

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Who is Kate Middleton's Wedding Hair Stylist?

Who is Kate Middleton's Wedding Hair Stylist. Marriage between Prince William and Kate Middleton became the grandest wedding ceremony in 2011. All preparations are being run from a wedding dress, decor and food will be served.

In addition, the hair stylists to wedding Kate Middleton has also been determined. James Pryce believed to be a hair stylist at Kate's big day.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, James Pryce is a hairdresser in London. Male 33 years working with Richard Ward salon in Chelsea.

Kate Middleton wedding hair stylist

James gives color to the Kate's brunette hair in her wedding day. Stylist who has experience of about 15 years, also helped other teams to do the makeup Kate Middleton wedding preparations.

Kate Middleton's Purple Cashmere Knit Sweater

Kate Middleton's Purple Cashmere Knit Sweater. After attending the wedding Zara Phillips, Prince William and Kate Middleton on holiday in Edinburgh, Scotland. At the time of the holiday, Kate and William was seen enjoying a leisurely vacation. At that time, Kate Middelton wearing colored Purple Knit Sweater. For jeans, Kate Wearing her favorite jeans, J. Brands Jeans. In shoes, Kate Middelton use adidas shoes.

Brands for purple knit sweaters used by Kate Middleton is Ralph Lauren, with slim fit size.

Kate middleton purple knit sweater

Monday, August 1, 2011

Kate Middleton's White Dress on Reiss Store

Kate Middleton's White Dress on Reiss Store. If you love style and fashion of Kate Middleton, you must have fashion and style magazine subscription special about Kate Middleton, you can read about the style of Kate Middleton because she was an inspiration in the British style and fashion.

Do you remember the photograph Kate and William below?

Photo above is when a photo session by Marion Testino for the event  Kate Middleton engagement with Prince William. At the photo shoot, Kate Middleton using a white dress that was purchased at Shop Reiss.

At that time the white dress is worth £ 159, is in great demand by many women. White dress is a collection last fall.

Since many who buy the white dress, Reiss store has finally decided to restock the dress. Kate Middelton's White Dress will be available online and in stores in sizes 4 to 14.

Kate Middleton's Wedding Earrings Worth 15 Thousand Pounds

Kate Middleton's Wedding Earrings Worth 15 Thousands Pounds. Kate Middleton seen wearing a pair of diamond earrings on her wedding day. Reportedly, earrings designs of Robinson Pelham Zoe Benyon was valued at 15 thousand pounds.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Monday (05/02/2011), these earrings are a gift from her parents for the wedding of the princess. Robinson Pelham was never released the price of these earrings. However, according to sources close to the designer, earrings were worth 15 thousand pounds.

Kate Middleton Wedding Earring

Kate's earrings that used an oak leaf-shaped diamonds combined with a pear shape. Earrings were designed to be precisely combined with tiara worn the wife of Prince William. Kate earring designs inspired by the new symbol of the Middleton family.
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