Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kate and William in Art Painting by Romero Britto

Kate and William in Art Painting by Romero Britto. The Royal couple, Kate Middleton and Prince William is painted by Romero Britto. Romero Britto already painted some famous celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson and Madonna.

Then, at this time, he painted the most amazing couple in the british, Kate Middleton and Prince William. The art painting is based on they engagement photos shoot long time ago.

In that picture, Kate and William show the happiness for her feeling about their love. Here is the art painting of Kate Middleton and Prince William by Romero Britto.

kate william art painting by romero britto

Middleton and Kardashian Family, Who's More Fashionable?

Middleton and Kardashian Family, Who's More Fashionable? In the latest news on internet, Kim Kardashian would make her wedding dress more beautiful than Kate Middleton.

She also want to make her wedding more hype than the Royal Wedding. Kim has a sister who also good in dressing and love the whole fashion of women. At this moment, both Kate Middleton and Pippa Middleton become public attention because of they appearance.

kate middleton versus kim kardashian

Kate Middleton style always give some affect to the world's fashion. And now, Pippa Middleton following her sister Kate. But, which do you prefer Middleton of Kardahsian family if one day they have some nomination or fashion award about the most fashionable women in the world?

Personally, i don't think The Kardashian family can beat the Middleton style. Because they only look sexy, but not good in dress. It just my opinion.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kate Middleton in Black Double Breasted Coat

Kate Middleton in Black Double Breasted Coat. Kate Middleton has attend the Remembrance Day with Black Double Breasted Diane Von Furstenberg coat with an embroidered collar.

If you look that Kate Middleton Style. I am still annoyed with her black hat. It's like the Pirates of Carribean.

kate middleton Black Double Breasted Diane Von Furstenberg Coat Remembrance day

Anyway, that Kate Middleton's black double breasted Diane Von Furstenberg coat looked amazing. That coat 100% made from cotton.

kate middleton black Jane Corbett hat

Diane Von Furstenberg made that Black Coat in 2008. Then, how about her hat? That black hat was made by Jane Corbett. She also added the two traditional poppy brooches which means to honor the Britain's soldiers.

Kate's Replica Engagement Ring Sold 200 Pieces Every Week

Kate's Replica Engagement Ring Sold 200 Items Every Week. Since announcing her engagement to Prince William, Kate Middleton style and fashion make attention of many people. Whatever she had worn, copied and sold everywhere.

The most Kate's fashion item that is much imitated is her engagement ring with William. Marks & Spencer was a retailer who makes replica engagement ring Kate with Prince William. As quoted from the Telegraph, the ring is so best selling accessories that are sold Marks & Spencer.

Since its launch by M & S in March, the legacy of Princess Diana's ring sold more than 200 pieces each week. Fashion world believes that the production of M & S does have a very good quality for a counterfeit.

Kate's Replica Engagement Ring Sold 200 Pieces Every Week

Replica ring is plated with platinum sparkle like a diamond, has a design that is classy, ​​elegant, and very similar to the original. Kate Crossey, Design Manager for Footwear and Accessories M & S said, since the lavish wedding that took place, the design of a classic accessory that gives the impression of the vintage has become very popular.

Not only M & S are making a advantages from her imitation goods. Debenhams also expressed the same thing last April. Replica ring of the Duchess of Cambridge became a very popular accessory and sells in the market. Original ring worth millions of pounds, but copies can be obtained no less stunning at a price of £ 13.50.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kate's Royal Wedding in Legoland

Kate's Royal Wedding in Legoland. What is the indication to know that your wedding is something really amazing? Indications that a wedding is when you get a warm welcome from Lego.

An example is the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Not just a family event involving the happiness of the bride, the royal family, as well as the British public, the wedding party has also been characterized as one of the most famous moment in the calendar of the modern world.

royal wedding in legoland

Especially after recently Legoland park in Windsor creating a highly detailed diorama giant, which not only projecting the bride and groom, but also the invited guests, royal train, and the most impressive, miniature Buckingham Palace as a backdrop.

In addition to the figure of Queen Elizabeth, Prince Harry, and Prince Charles, in a miniature grand wedding a la Lego is you can also see some of the celebrity figure who was the guest of honor, like the figure of David and Victoria Beckham and Sir Elton John.

royal wedding in legoland lego

To realize such an amazing obsession, at least it takes more than 30 hours and 10,000 Lego blocks to create a miniature crowd Royal Wedding, and 550 hours and 160,000 Lego blocks to assemble Buckingham Palace is also one of the main menu in celebration of the 15th anniversary of Legoland Windsor.


Kate and Justin Bieber, Should They Together?

Kate Middleton & Justin Bieber, should they together? Justin Bieber's success and the fame of Kate Middleton can create a new business that will dredge a lot of advantages.

Recently reported that the family of Kate Middleton made a partnership with the management of Justin Bieber, so the new family member Duchess Of Cornwall is allowed to sell anything related to Justin Bieber.

kate middleton and justin bieber

Everything means everything is true. Starting from T-shirts, mugs, hats, dolls, toys and anything that has a logo or image inside Justin Bieber, to the rights of the family of Kate Middleton.

Of course, this becomes a field of money with no small amount, considering Justin Bieber fans in Britain also must have amounted to very much. Previously, there was a drug store in Toronto, Canada, who made ​​a tribute for Justin Bieber.

The award is in the form of the name 'JB Kush' to a new type of marijuana that is legally sold there.


Monday, November 14, 2011

Kate Don't Like Much Makeup

Kate Don't Like To Much Makeup. At her wedding day, Kate Middleton is going to do a lot of things that deviate from the tradition of royal marriage in general. When Princess Diana provides two dresses for her wedding day, she chose to provide three.

Then at the moment almost all the women on this planet choose pamper yourself with the best bridal makeup, she prefers to makeup his face without any help from others.

Kate Middleton Makeup

"Kate Middleton has received some makeup training from a leading makeup artist in London, Arabella Preston. After that, she became more and more comfortable to do it themselves," said Mark Niemierko, the wedding planner.

"I heard that Arabella Preston was called by a friend of Kate. She has given special makeup lessons for three or four days at she private flat in Chelsea and also went with the guard to Clarence House.

Arabella had initially intended to come to a happy day Kate and William, but not anymore because she feels comfortable and confident to do the makeup yourself. " she added. The concept of Kate who always want to appear simply by issuing an informal character and keep a few things to remain normal in fact been out of bounds.

Modest figure of a princess who had indeed looked at her self for a long time, but it would be wonderful if she let herself in a normal ritual that all women do on her wedding day.

Kate Middleton Makeup kate don't like much makeup

Niemierko, as an experienced wedding planner also said that the bride should look glamorous and different from the days usually. Using extra makeup is an obligation of reasonable, especially for photo shoots.

This serves to give the impression of a special and privileged atmosphere at the bride who married only once in a lifetime. However, reality says another. Kate did not like the use of makeup is too much on his face.

Even as a makeup artist handles his face on the day of her engagement last November. Remember the days when Kate's engagement photos are phenomenal! Yes, her natural makeup and shiny is was the work of her own!

Prince Harry's Girlfriend Loves Kate Middleton's Shoes

Prince Harry's Girlfriend Loves Kate Middleton's Shoes. Kate Middleton has become the wife of a prince and became the style inspiration everywhere, and Chelsy Davy now seemed to be one of a girl who was struck by "something" that possessed her. Perhaps he also tried to follow her footsteps by improving her style became more feminine and classy.

As we know, Kate is quite often wear wedges stylish black pumps from LK Bennett, for example, when shopping for two consecutive days in Warehouse and Banana Republic before The Royal Wedding, at the Goring Hotel London during the last wave as a commoner before proposed by Prince William, or as it appears the first time after The Royal Wedding, this time worn with a black blazer and a blue mini dress from Zara.

Thursday, May 5, 2011, Chelsy, Prince Harry's girlfriend, was trying the same pair of wedges in a shop called Office, with a much cheaper price. If LK Bennett wedges made of patent leather and rattan can be purchased for 129.99 Euros per pair, Chelsy was busy looking around and wear wedges Office worth 60 Euros which looks very similar, only made of suede and cork.

Kate Middleton black LK Bennett Shoes

Chelsy looks quite interested in the row of shoes are displayed at the Office, but as the story of Cinderella, beautiful shoes are in fact less suitable at the foot of Chelsy. The 25 years Girl has finally left the store wearing a pair of white plimsolls, similar to those he wore when start shopping. Less can be ascertained whether Chelsy so buy a pair of wedges a la Kate or not, but who looks at his hands is just denim jacket that he was folding.

It is proved that the virus is spread by Kate had alighted everywhere, not just ordinary people are fascinated by the understated style, the lover of her sister-in-law had come to be interested to look more beautiful. But even in love with Kate's shoes, there is no sign that Chelsy will follow her footsteps as a member of the royal family, especially considering Chelsy has several times off and on with Harry.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kate Middleton with Black Zara's Blazer

Kate Middleton with Black Zara's Blazer.  Kate Middleton wore it when attended the Prince's Charity Forum. She wore it with blue dress inside. The Kate Middleton's Black Blazer is a summer item which the most selling blazer in Zara's online website.

Kate Middleton and her husband Prince William attended the Prince's Charity Forum to talking about the  current charities update. That event only held every two years.

So, where you can find out that Kate Middleton's Black Zara's Blazer? Of course you can visit the Zara Official website.

Kate Middleton's Satin Chiffon Silver Gown by Jenny Packham

Kate Middleton's Satin Chiffon Silver Gown by Jenny Packham. Kate Middleton has attended the charity event on Thursday. She wore again s custom made gown by Jenny Packham. At that event Kate Middleton wore Satin Chiffon Silver Gown. The loose gown make Kate Middleton looked taller.

She added more jewelry on her ear. She wore diamond bangle, diamond drop earrings, and of course, her engagement rings.
Kate Middleton's Satin Chiffon Silver Gown by Jenny Packham

Not only Kate Middlleton was wonderful at that night, but also her husband Prince William. He looked confident with some classic men style like a bow tie.

The Satin Chiffon Silver Gown which wore by Kate MIddleton is a special custom made by British designer Jenny Packham.

Friday, November 11, 2011

What Kate Middleton Wear When She Pregnant?

What Kate Middleton Wear When She Pregnant? Kate Middleton is reportedly pregnant by some Internet articles. That Issues rise up because Kate and Prince William have set up a nursery in their home.

As quoted by Radar Online, the couple who got married last 29 April 2011, would renovate they home. Prince William spends up to U.S. $ 1.6 million or around Rp 14 billion for the renovation.

In that house there are 20 rooms, a spacious living room, there is room for staff and surrounded by gardens. Not only that, in the house there is also a nursery.

That house was once occupied by Princess Margaret (sister of Queen Elizabeth) and her husband Antony Armstrong-Jones. Since the death of Margaret in 2002, the mansion has been cleared.

Now, can you imagine what about Kate Middleton looks when she pregnant? What style that suitable for her body weight. I think, her body weight will increasing because of her pregnant.

Let's we wait about her next info. I can't wait what Kate Middleton will wear when she pregnant.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Why Kate Middleton Affect World Fashion Trends?

Why Kate Middleton Affect World Fashion Trends?  On our previous post, we talked about why every people still notice the current update of Kate Midlleton style? Is Kate Middleton Fashionista? The answer is Kate Middleton style becomes headline because Kate Middleton is of of important people in British Kingdom.

And i believe that there is still good and stylish women in the world who can beat the Kate Middleton Style. But the interesting facts about why Kate Middleton style can affect world fashion trends because she has good personality and unique image.

kate middleton style affect world fashion trends

She can looked elegant and beauty. She choose some clothes that can impress the whole world. However,  Kate Middleton style effect is very make benefits for some parties.

Whatever she wore, the replica clothes always sold in huge pieces. Some fashion business can take some advantages from that. Kate Middleton engagement replica ring also becomes the best selling jewelry ever.

The other reason why Kate Middleton can affect world fashion trends is because of her shopping habits. Kate Middleton not always wore some good brand design. She still buy her wardrobe in local store and search some high street brand.

The important things about her style is, you can mix and match your good clothes into your body and can describe about who you are.

Debenhams Launch Transparent Stocking

Debenhams Launch Transparent Stocking. Kate Middlleton appearances has been criticized because of her light stockings. The transparent stocking that Kate Middleton wore gives some bad effect for the kingdom.

But Pippa Middleton and Hayden Panettiere following the trend by wearing transparent stockings. The British weather gets colder and it makes transparent stockings users increases.

Debenhams tried to follow the trend by launching a transparent stockings that can be used all skin colors. Tight stockings will be available in different shades for those with olive skin, Indian, mixed race or black can also try this trend, Wednesday (12/10).

kate middleton debenhamas stocking

In this product, Debenhams has reduced the effect of shining in the foot when wearing panty hose. As a result, your legs look like not wearing stockings.

But the users still get the warmth offered by a pair of stockings. Available colors include tan, bronze, and coffee that can make skin look brighter like wearing a beige or honey. They are all available in three sizes and price 3.50 pounds.

Debenhams stockings buyers, Joanna Townsend said this is one of the best fashion secret.
  "Producing products in the nude color does not have to take one size and we are confident that these stockings will appeal to women of all ethnicities and ages"

Monday, November 7, 2011

Kate Middleton Engagement Ring Become The Most Selling Jewelry

Kate Middleton Engagement Ring Become The Most Selling Jewelry. Since her wedding with Prince William, her Engagement Ring become more popular. Every women looking for that jewelry. And according to, The Kate Middleton's Engagement replica ring was sold 200 pieces every week.

kate middleton engagement ring replica

The Kate Middleton's Engagement replica ring is the most and the best selling jewelry item. It's happened because Kate Middleton wore it. The Duchess of Cambridge made her positive affect for jewelry business.

Kate Middleton Style with Red LK Bennet Coat

Kate Middleton Style with Red LK Bennet Coat. Kate Middleton has attended the UNICEF's event at Denmark. At that event, Kate Middleton wore Red LK Bennet Coat.

She match that coat with big red belt. The Red LK Bennet which wore by Kate Middleton made of wool and nylon blend. You can use that coat on winter.

Here is the picture of Kate Middleton style wore Red LK Bennet Coat.

kate middleton red lk bennet coat

Kate Middleton also added more accessories for that style. She added big red Vecceli italy belt. And she also always wore her favorite Zipkin boots.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Michael Boadi, Enshrine Kate Middleton Scent Perfume

Michael Boadi, Enshrine Kate Middleton Scent Perfume. Charm of Kate Middleton was so wonderful, that is the reason of the perfume creators enshrine her scent perfume into a perfume.

Yes, this perfume scent inspired by the Duchess of Cambridge when he got married to Princess William. White Gardenia Petals by Illuminum, is the name of the perfume that he made.

That perfume is described as 'the scent of white flowers that blow in the open window' was sold out in minutes, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

kate middleton perfume scent Illuminum

To get it again, people must line up on the waiting list for two weeks. Parfume eith 50ml size is sold for 70 pounds per bottle or about $ 1 million.

This is of course raises hysteria in the world of beauty. The man behind the creation of the perfume named Michael Boadi. He will open his own perfume shop in London. Amounting to 135 square meters shop in Dover Street, London will sell 32 kinds of other fragrances.

Complete collection of perfume, aroma candles sold anyway, car deodorizer, air freshener up with a timer.

Equipped with a seal of approval from the manufacture of the royal family, it is no wonder this new brand immediately reap tremendous success and became the newest shopping destinations in Britain.

Kate Middleton Won't be Regarded as Fashion Puppet

Kate Middleton Won't be Regarded as Fashion Puppet. Kate Middleton is already regarded as a princess with stylish figure in the world public. Any clothing, accessories, and shoes she has wore, to boutiques and shopping malls that he went, become something special for every people.

However, the Duchess of Cambridge is apparently want to be careful not to be regarded as a  "fashion puppet" or a fashion victim, especially during the her tour at Canada and North America.

Palace of St. James has published ad to find a housekeeper and stylist clothes during the trip, but she removed and canceled because he felt it was just a waste steps. For the nine-day trip, she will prepare his own clothes and wore makeup itself.

kate middleton makeup beauty face

The only person, besides the secretary and assistant, who will assist her on the trip was James Pryce, Kate's favorite hairdresser. Kate did not want too much interference of others to create a certain image on her, she just needed a James who helped ensure her hair arranged with defects at any time, that's all.

Kate is just living in the kingdom environment for 2 months, but she has changed the way people view the world about her family. She always chose here own clothes, dressed in her own way, and appeared fashionable as something that is not coercion. She did not want to be a doll or puppet that everything in the set by others, she still wanted to be independent and normally figure despite her status has changed.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Is Kate Middleton Fashionista?

Is Kate Middleton Fashionista?  Kate Middleton's status as a fashion icon has questioned by some of New York's fashion elite.

Since her wedding with Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge fashion and style is always become attention for many people.

Like when Kate and William engagement day, Kate wore the blue Issa dress that many store made ​​replica and almost worn by many women in Britain and other nations.

Kate Middleton's fashion are watched by some of the fashion elite, claimed that her clothes were flown directly from the boutiques leading UK and worldwide.

Is Kate Middleton Fashionista?

Fashionista in the Big Apple said no one would ever see Kate Middleton wearing the same clothes. One fashion teacher at New York Fashion Week believes in a source, "Fashion or style Kate Middleton became well known among the people because she was a member of the kingdom.

So Kate Middleton style become a public concern," However Kate Middleton wedding dress, designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, will be a style that will be followed by many brides on the upcoming season.

Kate Middleton Style with Turquoise Empire Line Dress

Kate Middleton Style with Turquoise Empire Line Dress. Kate Middleton attended the private dinner at Clarence House. At that event, Kate Middleton wore elegant and beauty dress.

She wore turquoise empire line dress. Kate Middleton also match that dress with good accessories and bracelet. The accessories and her jewelry made from diamonds.

But it think, that Kate Middleton's turquoise empire line dress, make her looks more tall. Here are some picture that i get from

Kate Middleton's turquoise empire line dress

Kate Middleton's turquoise empire line dress 2

kate middleton bracelet
Kate Middleton Bracelet

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Is Kate Middleton Still Looks Pretty Without Make Up?

Is Kate Middleton Still Looks Pretty Without Make Up? Make up is and important thing for women. Celebrities and public figure cannot live without it. With make up, you can hide some weakness on your face. Like a pimples or wrinkles.

But many men do not like some women who use make up for her face to excessive.  They prefer woman who look very natural.

Kate Middleton is one of women who use their make up in every occasion. But, do you ever seen her picture without make up?

Here are some Kate Middleton's Picture Without Make up.

kate middleton without make up

kate middleton without make up

So, what do you think? i think Kate Middleton still looks pretty without make up. She has natural beauty.

Kate Middleton become Best Dressed and Stylish Woman in British

Kate Middleton become Best Dressed and Stylish Woman in British. Duchess of Cambridge, or familiarly known by Kate Middleton is the most influential female figure in the UK. Not only the wife of Prince William, Kate Middleton also became the best-dressed and stylish woman in Britain according to a UK magazine.

She has millions of fans around the world and love her figure and style. Many people are making a fortune after they connected with Kate Middleton. However, many parties also do not like her, one of them is Vivienne Westwood.

Reported by the Daily Mail, the magazine Harper's Bazaar UK re-release a special edition of the annual best-dressed people in the UK for December.

The assessors praised her ability to wear clothing with intricate designs of the caliber of Alexander McQueen to high street brands with elegance that are equally high.

Although often criticized as old-fashioned woman who create styles with conservative style and fond of stockings, she just let the criticism go by and still smiling.

From first to 10 best-dressed British woman, she was first ranked, followed by Florence Welch, Andrea Riseborough, Kate Moss, Tilda Swinton, Keira Knightley, Stella McCartney, Phoebe Philo, Alexa Chung until Livia Firth.

Kate Middleton was also considered meritorious made ​​with lady-like style popular again, considering she was not too aware of the fashion.

The panelists consisted of magazine editors, designers Antonio Berardi, Roksanda Ilincic & hat designer Philip Treacy.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kate Middleton Beulah Red Dress Not Elegant?

Kate Middleton Beulah Red Dress Not Elegant? As in my previous post, Kate Middleton finally appeared with a new beulah red dress. Although many fashionista said that he is not a trend setter, but still stylish Duchess of Cambridge is eagerly awaited by everyone.

Comes with a red nightgown, she looks beautiful while posing with her husband, Prince William. But there is something wrong with this dress, the shape of shapelessness in the dress fabric to make a little 'jersy'.

Intent 'jersy' here is the dress looks not so elegant, like the dresses Kate before. But even so, the red nightgown and prove that she was not pregnant as some news that blows hard lately.

kate middleotn beulah red dress

Back to Kate Middleton fashion style, after some outfit that seemed "normal" seems Kate was not the style of fashion. Kate's simple style and tend to follow what is stipulated by the kingdom.

Maybe she was not too concerned with her ​​appearance but more forward performance as the Duchess of Cambridge. Nevertheless, the fashion world still curious about what's going to wear later.

Kate Middleton Stick With Alexander McQueen

Kate Middleton Stick With Alexander McQueen. We all know that Kate Middleton favorite design is Alexander McQueen. From her formal dress until her wedding dress, Kate Middleton stick with Alexander McQueen.

When she wore Alexander McQueen, she looks confident and comfortable about the style. She created her own image. When everybody talked about Kate Middleton Style, it must be all about Alexander McQueen.

Like this picture below, when Kate Middleton attended Victoria barrack at Windsor, she wore Alexander McQueen again.

kate middleton stick alexander mcQueen

Kate Middleton wore Navy Blue Military Coat. She wore that Navy Blue Military Coat with blue shoes and beautiful hat.
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