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Kate Middleton Wearing Her Old Khakis Coat at Zara Phillips Wedding

Kate Middleton Wearing Her Old Khakis Coat at Zara Phillips Wedding. Kate Middleton and Prince William attended the wedding Queen Elizabeth's eldest granddaughter, Zara Phillips. In a royal wedding, Kate is seen wearing a long sleeve. Among the guests, Kate Middleton instantly be the center of attention. Various media wrote he was wearing his old clothes.

Kate is seen wearing a khaki coat ever worn in five years ago. At that time, she wearing coat with fur hat for the wedding of Laura Parker Bowles.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, when it comes to marriage Zara Phillips, Kate blend coat with a matching colored brimmed hat. Middleton's sister Pippa seems deliberately dressed in 'normal' so that he does not appear more prominently than the bride.

A day earlier she also appeared wearing his old clothes when attending a wedding party before Zara. He wore a green dress Diane von Furstenberg design. Dress was worn recently while on tour to Los Angeles, United States.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

What are Kate Middleton's Must Have Fashion Item?

What are Kate Middleton's must have fashion item? What is worn by Kate Middleton has always been the center of attention and was followed by many women. No wonder if she successfully elected as the new icon of fashion for stylish dresses. As reported previously, The Global Language Monitor, a company that researches and analyzes the use of the word trend in the whole world has just released a list of 'Top Fashion buzzwords'. In that list, the wife of Prince William is occupying the number one position as an influential person in the world of fashion after Lady Gaga.

Kate Middleton style of dress is always identical things are simple, elegant and classic style of British women. Kate Middleton are interested in making a fashion inspiration? You need to know some of the must-have fashion item. What are Kate Middleton's must have fashion item?

Since marrying the Prince, Kate seems to be more careful in dress. She chose a decent outfit but still feminine, like a wrap dress or shift dress that was cut in the knee. In order not to look too plain, sometimesKate Middleton selects the dress that have ruffle, lace, pleated or ribbon.

If your style want to be like Kate Middleton, you should start to buy simple dress with little interesting detail so as not boring. Grey dress from Love Moschino or purple low-cut chest dress of LK Bennett as shown in the picture above.

When cold weather, you can combine these dress with a fitted blazer as it did when she will go to Canada some time ago. She matching navy fitted dress with a matching blazer.

As for shoes, Kate likes pointy pumps and wedges with the right shoes are not too high. Shoes are also very suitable model for your activity but still want to look classy. Pointy red shoes from Dorothy Perkins model could be the right choice to be combined with neutral-colored dress.

To maximize performance, she also chose a handheld bag or clutch bag with interesting shapes. Evidently, when she and Prince William attended the celebration of Canada, she wore a fan-shaped paper bag from Anya Hindmarch.

Kate Middleton including women who rarely wore a lot of accessories. In addition to jewelry, she is only seen wearing a hat or headdress like other British royal women. She also always adjust the color and shape of a hat with a dress and events she attended.

Kate Didn't Choose British Designer

Kate Didn't Choose British Designer. During a tour in Canada, Kate Middleton wore a dress from British designer. But on Wednesday (06/05/2011), for the first time she did not choose the work of British designer fashion.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, wife of Prince William was seen wearing silk linen khaki dress with straps at the waist accent. The dress is the work of the Copenhagen-based designer, Malene Birger named Denmark.

Not much different from the dresses she was wearing earlier, the dress work Malene Birger looks very simple but still classy. She used it with a rectangular-shaped clutch bag and platform shoes from LK Bennett cream colored.

It is reasonable, if the wives of state officials was always dressed in designer home country or host country to show support. Just as is done by the Duchess of Cambridge, she was always dressed in British design.

Previously, Kate was wearing two works Moralioglu Erdem, a designer who was born in Montreal, Canada and running a fashion business in London, England. She also showed respect for the Canadian state by wearing a brooch and a hat decorated with maple leaves.

The 29-year-old woman was also seen wearing gray overalls work of Catherine Walker on Sunday (03/06/2011).

She also seemed to wear overalls Reiss had worn when diving photo fiance. The rest, she only wore clothes from high-street brands, Zara and some high-street brand Britain.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Royal Cowboy Style of Kate Middleton

Royal Cowboy Style of Kate Middleton. Some time ago, Prince William and Kate Middleton visit Canada. During their visit to Canada, Kate and William came to the Calgary Stampede. Calgary Stampede is a cowboy show in Canada. During the visit, she wore a cowboy outfit with style.

Kate Middleton using short Billy Frye Company's boot heel. For jeans, Kate using well-fitted bootcut jean. Denim jeans are pretty good. For accessories, she used a leather belt from Ralph Lauren. Kate Bailey also uses white wool cowboy hat from the Wild Cowboys.

Royal Cowboy style of kate middleton

This style of Kate Middleton might imitate your usual if you want to attractions such as the cowboy.

Kate Middleton's Blue Dress Sold in One Day

Kate Middleton's Blue Dress Sold in one day. At the time of announcing the engagement, Kate Middleton is seen wearing a blue dress designer, Daniella Issa Helayel. As quoted from Vogue, after the announcement of the engagement, the blue dress was sold out at Harvey Nichols UK in just a few hours. It has been confirmed by the Buying Director, Harvey Nichols.

"Since the announcement of the royal engagement, we were inundated with requests made ​​by Issa dress," said the Buying Director, Harvey Nichols, Averyl Oates.

Kate Middleton engagement blue dress

"Dress worn by Kate sold out quickly. Issa is a brand we are selling very well and with its flexibility, this canal can be worn while relaxing during the day or during a formal ceremony in the evening," said Averyl.

Kate Middleton's blue dress with details on the stomach is given a price of 325 pounds. Sold out in just 24 hours after the announcement of the engagement Prince William and Kate Middleton at the Palace of St James English.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

William And Catherine Royal Romance Movie

William And Catherine Royal Romance Movie.The love story of Prince William and Kate Middleton will be made into a movie by Hallmark. The film will air on television was called 'William And Catherine: A Royal Romance'. The film will be aired first in America, August. Actors 'Dan Amboyer' will act as Prince William and actress Alice St. Clair to Kate Middleton.

'William and Catherine: A Royal Romance "directed and written by Linda Yellen. Amboyer revealed, Yellen was working with the extraordinary in the cultivation of this film.

"He really tried to make this wonderful story and will show many things that can so you never know the facts and reality," said Amboyer as quoted by Sky.

Men who previously often appeared in the Broadway show was added, in the film they are not afraid to show the real side of the royal love story. Amboyer promises there will be many interesting things in the movie that starred it.

Besides Amboyer, movie love story of William and Kate will also starred veteran American actor, Victor Garber. Emmy Award-winning actor's role as Prince Charles. While the actress Jean Smart plays Camilla Parker.

Watch the William & Kate The Movie: Royal Romance

Kate Middleton's Royal Wedding Increase Revenue

Kate Middleton's Royal Wedding Increase Revenue. Marriage Kate and William have a positive impact for many people. Style of Kate Middleton can provide inspiration to the women. Wedding dresses that are used to increase revenue and sales of the fashion industry. Royal party also have a positive impact and a sizable profit.

From Marriage Kate Middelton and Prince William, royal income increased considerably. Revenue comes from sales of souvenirs. Sales through the medium of the Internet has also increased dramatically.

Royal party stated that this year (2011) is the largest sale of the Royal collection. That all of course due to the marriage of William and Kate. Total revenues were approximately 41.7 million Royal pounds.

Kate Middleton's Wedding Gown on Display

Kate Middleton's Wedding Gown on Display. Since the last date of July 23, 2011, wedding gown of Kate Middleton has been on display at Buckingham Palace. The event was an annual event. Not only is Kate Middleton Bridal gowns are on display in the event. All knick-knacks including weddings, flowers, cakes, tiaras and shoes Kate Middleton is also on display.

kate middleton wedding gown

The visitors will certainly enjoy the atmosphere at the exhibition. Visitors will satisfied of seeing Kate Middleton wedding gown. On Kate Middleton's wedding gown, the hem to the waist there are 58 gazar buttons. The veil of gown made ​​of soft ivory silk tulle and stitched with flowers.

Kate Middleton Wedding Shoes

Shoes that are used by Kate Middleton at the wedding also made by Sarah Burton from Alexander McQueen. Shoe size is about five-and-half.

image by:

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kate Middleton Brings Back Nude Hosiery Become a Trend

Kate Middleton Brings Back Nude Hosiery Become a Trend. Style of Kate Middleton has been the inspiration of women in the fashion world. The latest news, Kate Middleton brings back nude hosiery become a trend. This style is of particular concern for Kate Middleton. This style will give a good impression to the feet of the woman. Many women who have rarely used nude Hosiery. But when Kate Middelton started to using it, clothing stores began to run out of stock nude Hosiery. Sales of stockings start increased.

Kate Middleton Stocking Nude Hosiery

This is all because of Kate Middleton. Kate Middleton using the stockings because of the rule of the kingdom. The dress should be formal. Should not be too look sexy. The Legs of Kate Middleton's is sexy. So, Kate use stocking to make it look more formal.

But there is a need to look at. Stocking may be suitable for use by Kate Middleton, but not necessarily for you. Many women who may still not convenient to use the stockings.

Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress Will Never Die

Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress Will Never Die. Kate Middleton wedding dress is likely to be a trend that will not die. Wedding dress which she used while getting married with Prince William costing about $ 5,000. Kate Middleton wedding dress is made ​​from silk shantung. On the sleeve there is a lace Chantily. Wedding dress also comes with tiara and veil toppings. The dress was worn by Romona Keveza long ago. But the wedding dress back to due to Kate Middleton wore it. Consequently, many women occur Kate's Effects.

Many newlyweds who want to use that wedding dress. In fact, since hundreds of years ago, that wedding dress has long been popular.

Kate Middleton Wedding Dress

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kate Middleton's Casual Style with Skinny Jeans

Kate Middleton's Casual Style with Skinny Jeans. In this picture, Kate Wearing clothing that is quite simple. Kate was shopping for three hours in the company of several bodyguards. Clothes used in this photograph is skinny jeans, brown bag and white shoes. Kate looks very sleek with her outfits. This style of Kate Middleton is quite simple and casual. This is exclusive photos taken by

Kate Middleton Casual Style with Skinny Jeans

Kate Middleton's Royal Wedding Effects

Kate Middleton's Royal Wedding Effects. Marriage between Kate Middleton and Prince William was giving a big impact on a wedding dress in style in America. Wedding dress worn by Kate Middleton turned out to give the effect for women who want to get married. Many brides who want to wear a wedding dress like Kate Middleton.

At Westminster Abbey wedding, wedding dress worn by Kate Middleton is long sleeved with a tiara and veil model.

Kate Wedding Gown

The model becomes a trend. Many prospective brides in America began to look for clothing with a veil model. It has been in the survey by Brides Magazine in the August issue of 2011. Many shops are experiencing increased sales of bridal apparel in that model.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Kate Middleton's Black Stockings

Kate Middleton's Black Stockings. This photo was taken by the paparazzi at the time of Kate Middleton attended a party before the celebration of Christmas. The party was attended by Princes William and Harry. This event already happened before the wedding Kate and William. Reportedly, after this party, Prince Harry was drunk. Kate, wearing black stockings and black blazer.

Kate Middleton Black Stockings

Finally, Kate Middleton Wears Princess Diana's Earrings

Finally, Kate Middleton Wears Princess Diana's Earrings. Previously, Kate Middleton has been using the Engagement Ring of Princess Diana. There is one more jewelry of Princess Diana that used by Kate Middleton. The Jewelry are Princess Diana's earrings. Princess Diana loved these earrings. That Earrings are very often she used and became a favorite earrings until Princess Diana died.

Princess Diana's earrings is made of diamond and sapphire. Prince William was the one who wanted the earrings her mother used to his wife, Kate Middleton. Kate Middleton had used these earrings during the event at Wimbledon.

Kate middleton Princess Diana's earrings

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kate Middleton's Red Rose Hat

Kate Middleton's Red Rose Hat. British royal have a unique tradition. Usually for the women should wear a distinctive hat. Kate Middleton is one of the women who have a lot of unique hats. Kate wore the official royal occasions. Collection of Kate Middleton hat are very much. One her best hat is the Red Rose Hat.

This hat is used by Kate Middleton at the wedding of David Jardine-Paterson and Emilia D'Erlanger in Devon, England, 17 April 2010

Kate Middleton's Red Rose Hat

"Style of Kate Middleton" was very attractive when coupled with various collections of the royal hat.

Katherine Hooker Launches Cashmere Line

Katherine Hooker Launches Cashmire Line. Who is Katherine Hooker? Katherine Hooker was a designer from London. Katherine Hooker is one of the designers of Kate Middleton. Katherine Hooker began doing in 2005. Since then Katherine Hooker became Favourite Kate Middleton. Some clothes are favored by Kate Middleton is the coat and military-style jacket with velvet and materials.

Kate Middleton Cashmere line

Katherine Hooker will make his latest designs with cashmere. According to him, cashmere is a luxurious material, soft and warm. Cashmere is perfect for making coats. Katherin Hooker wanted to make a beautiful coat, comfortable and practical.

Katherine Hooker will work with Johnston of Elgin. Johnston will provide a luxurious cashmere for the latest designs Katherine Hooker.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The World Praised The Wedding Wress That Used by Kate Middleton

The world praised the wedding dress that used Kate Middleton. Frocks from Alexander McQueen's boutique designed by Sarah Burton. McQueen himself had died some time ago.Reportedly, though Burton who designed, from the beginning she is also actively provide input. Finally, the resulting clothing was so riveting, namely the length satin gown with stunning amber color.

Kate's dress style as a blend of modern and traditional styles. She was so graceful with the clothes. Described the clothes looked as worn spirit of William's wife. To her surprise many people, she wore her hair simple. She let her hair natural.

Kate middleton royal wedding dress

With additional accessories in the form of a rocky crown rhinestone designed Cartier 1936, borrowed from Queen Elizabeth II, she appears so elegant and charming. In fact, it was reported, William on his return met with Kate at the church after spending the last single night with their families, had whispered: "Oh, Kate you're really pretty."

While Prince William's use of military clothing Irish armed forces that are red because William is an honorary member of the Commonwealth's military with the rank of colonel.

Kate Middleton Wedding Dress Will be Displayed at Buckingham Palace

Kate Middleton wedding dress will be displayed at Buckingham Palace. Wedding dress and all the knick-knacks marriage between Prince William and Middleton will be on display at Buckingham Palace. The exhibition was a regular event held Buckingham Palace. This year, all wedding things that related to Prince William and Kate, from the dress, the cake until the princess earrings will be on display at Buckingham Palace.

The exhibition will run for 10 weeks and was opened on 07/23/2011. For the entry fee, visitors must purchase a ticket for £ 17.50.

Kate Middleton Wedding Dress

Duchess of Cambrdige itself has a direct view the exhibition on Wednesday (20/07/2011). He returned with a nostalgic look at all things associated with marriage. In this exhibition, visitors can pay attention to every detail that she used, such as how the material, size and others.

In the exhibition, a curtain which she used when she married William is also not behind go on display. Curtain decorated with 1000 diamonds were placed in the palace ballroom.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Kate Middleton Have a Personal Shopper

Kate Middleton have a personal shopper. Kate Middleton has a great style. Maybe he does not need a stylist. But based on various sources of news. Kate Middleton has a personal shopper. Kate Middleton is not alone to find clothes that fit her body shape. Kate Middleton have the personal shopper because it is sorely needed in their daily lives.

If there is an important event of urgency, Kate Middelton certainly need appropriate clothing. But Kate did not have time for shopping. So, this is where the role of personal Shopper. A personal sense of style shoper must know the same with Kate.

kate personal shopper

Kensington Palace, The New Home of Kate Middleton

Kensington Palace, The New Home of Kate Middleton. After returning from a tour to America, Kate Middleton is no longer occupies the apartment with William. Kate Middleton will occupy Kensington Palace with Prince William. Before Kate Middleton lived in the palace, the couple settled in apartments Clarence House, London. Since William was single, he lived there with his brother Prince Harry.

Apartments in London it is not too large, there are only two rooms and one bathroom. So the court is asking the William and Kate moved to a bigger place. At Kensington Palace, she will likely occupy the apartment that used to be a residence of William and his late mother, Princess Diana. The apartment has five bedrooms.

Kensington Palace Kate Middleton

The court said that since a few weeks ago, William and Kate had to stay in the 'new home'. Currently all the stuff they have also moved into the palace.

But according to palace sources, like William and Kate will not forever stay in Kengsinton. Both want to have a ranch-style homes were more likely to build a family.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

3 Things That Make Kate Middleton Become a Style Icon

3 Things That Make Kate Middleton Become a Style Icon. Kate Middleton has become a style icon in the world. Whatever clothes she wore, always inspired many women. All women would want to wear clothes by Kate Middleton.

Kate Middleton is very good at choosing clothes that he wanted to wear. Clothes do not necessarily expensive. Kate Middleton many clothes are cheap, so could a lot of people get. It makes a lot of women who could imitate the style of Kate Middleton with ease.

But not everyone can look good when dressed in the style of Kate Middleton.

Other celebrities might feel embarrassed when wearing the same clothes frequently. But not with Kate Middleton. She often uses the same clothes. She is not ashamed to wear it. It is very rare for the celebrity. Moreover, Kate Middleton is a princess.

There are three things from Kate Middleton that caused her to be a Style Icon, her hair,makeup and poise.

Blue Sapphire The Kate Middleton's Favorite Color

Blue Sapphire The Kate Middleton's Favorite Color. Lately blue sapphire became a favorite color of the celebrity world. Even the bright colors are also a favorite color of Kate Middleton. Bright blue color is often called the blue sapphire, because the color that resembles one of the color of sapphires. But not a few people who call this blue royal blue with the title.

Some celebrities are often seen wearing a sapphire blue dress. For example, Uma Thurman chose a fitted gown made of blue sapphire Armani Prive while attending the Cannes film festival. Eva Mendez was also wants to look stunning with a blue dress with a pleated design Stella McCartney at the Met Gala last few months.

The actress who became a favorite designer and exclusive brands, Blake Lively was also wearing a sapphire-blue gown several times. At the Elle Style Awards, the 24-year-old woman who was seen wearing overalls baby doll from Emilio Pucci and at the MTV Movie Awards, Blake was wearing tight canal by Michael Kors. To create a more attractive appearance, Blake combines both the canal with a purple suede shoes.

Kate Middleton Blue Sapphire Dress

Not just celebrities who love the color of this sapphire blue. Prince William's wife even wear up to three times. Who can forget her appearance as he announced his engagement last November? Issa designer blue overalls became the prey of the British woman since her wear it.

For those of you who love being the center of attention, do not hesitate to matching sapphire blue with other bright colors, such as those conducted by Blake Lively. But for those who like the simple elegant look, the style of dress she could be an option. Pair it with a blue sapphire-colored accessories such as black and neutral colors.

Kate's Black Jacket and Blue Dress

Kate Middleton's Black Jacket and Blue Dress. This photograph was taken in 2009 when Kate Middleton attended UK premiere of Tenacity Of The Tasman in London's Leicester Square with Holly Branson. After that, Kate Middleton went to the Club at Orchid Nightclub. At that day, Kate Middleton wearing a Black Jacket and Blue Dress. But until now still no one knows what brand of the Kate's black jacket that she wore.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kate Middleton With Green Dress at Beaufort Polo Club

Kate Middleton With Green Dress. Kate Middleton was accompanying the Prince William at the Beaufort Polo Club some time ago. Prince William was playing with his brother. Truly harmonious family. And what about the appearance of Kate Middleton at the time? Does look good?

As usual, what she wore always look stunning. At that time, Kate Middleton using green dress. For accessories, Kate Middleton uses a black belt.

Kate Middleton Green Dress

For handbags, Kate Middleton using brown bags and do not forget to use sunglasses to protect from the sun. Kate Middleton looks very simple at that time. Maybe you could try some of  that Kate Middelton's outfit.

Why Kate Middleton Using Old Dress

Why Kate Middleton Using Old Dress. Unlike other women, Kate Middleton is a woman who still likes the old trend. Usually, women often follow the latest fashion trend and wear it. Most women do not want to miss the latest trends in fashion. In contrast to Kate Middleton who still likes to use her old clothes collection.

An example is some time ago Kate Middleton wearing Alexander McQueen design. This outfit has a design like a sailor.

The design of the clothing was once used by artists from "Sex and the City" movie, Sarah Jessica Parker. Sarah uses this outfit about five years ago.

Kate Middleton sailor alexander mqueen white sarah jessia parker

At five years ago, she wore a navy blue colored clothes. Sarah was wearing at the time of the event at the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Meanwhile, Kate Middleton, using the white clothes. Kate Middleton using shoes that matched her clothes.

It shows that Kate Middleton is not ashamed to use old design or trend. According to her, in dress, the most important is the suitability of clothing with body shape.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kate and Pippa Middleton Become New Thinspiration

Kate and Pippa Middleton Become New Thinspiration. Not only the style of Kate and Pippa Middleton dress are becoming a trend. Their body shape was inspired many women. Unfortunately this trend is not positive. Both brothers are considered to support the anorexia.

As reported previously, Pippa Middleton photos posted on websites and forums that support anorexia and bulimia. This site also provides many tips to lose weight drastically.

"'Thinspiration' or 'thinspo' was the term for people who provide inspiration to lose weight in a torture way , usually a model or celebrity. First, Victoria Beckham and Mary-Kate Olsen is a 'thinspiration'. But now with the news frequent, Kate and Pippa as the latest 'thinspiration', "said Lynn S. Grefe, MA, president and CEO of National Eating Disorders Association.

In a posting on one site anorexia, one of Kate Middleton photo got a good response from its readers, like, "she's so pretty and very skinny." In addition, not a few anorexia forum users mentions Kate as a 'thinspiration' third number after Victoria Beckham and Olsen.

kate pippa middleton thispiration

What makes health experts fear is, Kate and Pippa iconic skinny girl rather than just a fashion icon only. According to experts it is only a matter of time.

"Every little girl wants to be a princess, and this image can not only affect teenagers, even children in elementary school. I was very surprised to see the Middleton sisters on anorexia sites, the disaster is just a matter of time," said Jill M . Pollack, Director 's Center for the Study of Anorexia and Bulimia'.

Rachel Zoe Wants Kate Middleton Wearing a Tuxedo

Rachel Zoe Wants Kate Middleton Wearing a Tuxedo. Rachel Zoe, a celebrity stylist, was fascinated by the style of Kate Middleton fashion. Rachel Zoe wants to see Kate Middleton Using a tuxedo. Because if Kate Middleton using Tuxedo, will definitely look more cool. Rachel Zoe also claimed that Kate Middleton can actually look good in any outfit. Rachel Zoe also expressed interest to Kate Middleton could be her client. Rachel Zoe is very happy if one day Kate Middleton could be a regular client. Currently, several Hollywood celebrities who use Rachel Zoe as her stylist are Nicole Richie, Cameron Diaz and Anne Hathaway. But it looks like a Kate Middleton did not need a stylist, because Kate Middleton had been smart in appearance and choose clothes to suit her body.

Kate Middleton Tuxedo

Monday, July 18, 2011

Kate Middleton's Brown Coat and White Dress Temperley at Wimbledon

Kate Middleton and Prince William attended the match between Andy Murray and Frenchman Richard at Wimbledon. In that game, Kate Middleton using White Dress Temperley London. The dress can be found in cSee Boutique with prices around £ 395. In this picture, Kate Middleton also uses Alexader McQueen brown coat.

kate middleton brown coal white dress

Kate Middleton Carrying Tod's 'D-Bag'

Kate Middleton Style with Princess Diana is not much different. Both have the same taste. Princess Diana has become a legend and style icon in the fashion world. This was followed by Kate Middleton. Kate Middelotn also be a style icon who is often the media spotlight in the fashion world. Kate Middleton now using Tod's Handbag. The bag is a favorite of Princess Diana bag. Bags are finally given a name with a "D-BAG" to pay tribute to the death of Princess Diana.

Kate Middleton Use The Same Jeans 811 for Three Days

Kate Middleton never hesitated repeatedly wearing clothing ever worn on one occasion. In any tour, he wore the same skinny jeans for three days. For boat racing event on the coast of Prince Edward Island, Kate combines series 811 jeans from J Brands with Sebago shoes "Bala" and the rain jacket Nike Windproof The next day, he came back wearing his jeans J Brands with taupe blouse and shoes Sebago to leave Yellowknife to Blachford Lake. Still with jeans J Brands, this time combined with ruffle tops of the Danish designer Malene Birger, belt from Linda CAMM, Smythe blazer, plus wedges of LK Bennett.

Kate Middleton 811 Jeans

Although Kate Middleton uses the same jeans for three days. Kate still looks attractive. Kate Middleton style of dress still has character.

Kate Middleton’s Sheer Stockings in Montreal Canada

Kate Middleton is making pantyhouse sexy again. The Duchess of Cambridge Wore the sheer stockings July 2, 2011 in Montreal, Canada. Kate Middleton using thin stockings at the event because it follows the protocol as a queen royal Duchess of Cornwall and Princess Beatrice. The queen is always wearing stockings at official events. Stocking is the trend in the '80s. But when Kate Middleton start using it, then the stocking can be a trend. That's the beauty style of Kate Middleton.

Kate Middleton’s Sheer Stockings

4 Inspired Dress of Kate Middleton

4 Inspired Dress of Kate Middleton. Kate Middleton is the world's latest fashion icon. Any outfit that she wore must always be media attention and was followed by many lovers of fashion. Women born January 9, 1982 It has a classy style and feminine fashion. She was often seen wearing a wrap dress that was cut or shift dress. If you are interested in making Kate Middleton as an inspiration for fashion, begin buying simple and elegant dress. Here are four dress of Kate Middleton that could be your reference.

1. Diane von Furstenberg Green Dress

Kate Middleton wearing a emerald green dress work of American designer, Diane von Furstenberg arrived in Los Angeles now. Made of woven silk, this dress comes with ribbon at the waist that help define curves. Dress is named 'Maja Dress' is, sold for U.S. $ 398 or about USD 3.3 million.

2. Catherine Walker Gray Dress

When attending a tree planting ceremony in Canada, wife of Prince William was seen wearing a gray dress owned by Princess Diana's favorite designers, Catherine Walker. To get the look of Kate Middleton style with a more affordable price, gray dress from Dorothy Perkins can be selected. Piece dress that followed the curves are so precise if worn for a professional look into office.

3. Catherine Walker Red Dress

At the end of his tour to Canada, she wore dress from Catherine Walker. This time she chose a red dress with pleated at the waist. To honor the host Kanda, she had a maple leaf-shaped brooch pinned on her chest. If you want to look like Kate, high street brand, Zara offers a dress that was similar to that worn Kate. With the price of 1 Billion USD, a red dress with sleeves 3 / 4 and pleated detail at the waist, can make you look elegant like Kate Middleton.

4. Issa's Black Dress with Bird Motif

Kate was wearing a black dress with double bird motif. This first dress she wore before her marriage with Prince William, and the second at the time of attending the 'Youth Reception' in a series of tour in Canada. If you interested in that dress, Dorothy Perkins has a dress 'Black Bird Print Dress' is not much different from Kate's Issa dress.

This is Unofficial Blog of Kate Middleton Style & Fashion. This blog will share about the latest news, fashion and style of Kate Middleton. Follow this blog to get the amazing style and fashion updates of Kate Middleton.
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