Thursday, July 21, 2011

Blue Sapphire The Kate Middleton's Favorite Color

Blue Sapphire The Kate Middleton's Favorite Color. Lately blue sapphire became a favorite color of the celebrity world. Even the bright colors are also a favorite color of Kate Middleton. Bright blue color is often called the blue sapphire, because the color that resembles one of the color of sapphires. But not a few people who call this blue royal blue with the title.

Some celebrities are often seen wearing a sapphire blue dress. For example, Uma Thurman chose a fitted gown made of blue sapphire Armani Prive while attending the Cannes film festival. Eva Mendez was also wants to look stunning with a blue dress with a pleated design Stella McCartney at the Met Gala last few months.

The actress who became a favorite designer and exclusive brands, Blake Lively was also wearing a sapphire-blue gown several times. At the Elle Style Awards, the 24-year-old woman who was seen wearing overalls baby doll from Emilio Pucci and at the MTV Movie Awards, Blake was wearing tight canal by Michael Kors. To create a more attractive appearance, Blake combines both the canal with a purple suede shoes.

Kate Middleton Blue Sapphire Dress

Not just celebrities who love the color of this sapphire blue. Prince William's wife even wear up to three times. Who can forget her appearance as he announced his engagement last November? Issa designer blue overalls became the prey of the British woman since her wear it.

For those of you who love being the center of attention, do not hesitate to matching sapphire blue with other bright colors, such as those conducted by Blake Lively. But for those who like the simple elegant look, the style of dress she could be an option. Pair it with a blue sapphire-colored accessories such as black and neutral colors.
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