Saturday, July 30, 2011

What are Kate Middleton's Must Have Fashion Item?

What are Kate Middleton's must have fashion item? What is worn by Kate Middleton has always been the center of attention and was followed by many women. No wonder if she successfully elected as the new icon of fashion for stylish dresses. As reported previously, The Global Language Monitor, a company that researches and analyzes the use of the word trend in the whole world has just released a list of 'Top Fashion buzzwords'. In that list, the wife of Prince William is occupying the number one position as an influential person in the world of fashion after Lady Gaga.

Kate Middleton style of dress is always identical things are simple, elegant and classic style of British women. Kate Middleton are interested in making a fashion inspiration? You need to know some of the must-have fashion item. What are Kate Middleton's must have fashion item?

Since marrying the Prince, Kate seems to be more careful in dress. She chose a decent outfit but still feminine, like a wrap dress or shift dress that was cut in the knee. In order not to look too plain, sometimesKate Middleton selects the dress that have ruffle, lace, pleated or ribbon.

If your style want to be like Kate Middleton, you should start to buy simple dress with little interesting detail so as not boring. Grey dress from Love Moschino or purple low-cut chest dress of LK Bennett as shown in the picture above.

When cold weather, you can combine these dress with a fitted blazer as it did when she will go to Canada some time ago. She matching navy fitted dress with a matching blazer.

As for shoes, Kate likes pointy pumps and wedges with the right shoes are not too high. Shoes are also very suitable model for your activity but still want to look classy. Pointy red shoes from Dorothy Perkins model could be the right choice to be combined with neutral-colored dress.

To maximize performance, she also chose a handheld bag or clutch bag with interesting shapes. Evidently, when she and Prince William attended the celebration of Canada, she wore a fan-shaped paper bag from Anya Hindmarch.

Kate Middleton including women who rarely wore a lot of accessories. In addition to jewelry, she is only seen wearing a hat or headdress like other British royal women. She also always adjust the color and shape of a hat with a dress and events she attended.
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