Friday, July 22, 2011

Kensington Palace, The New Home of Kate Middleton

Kensington Palace, The New Home of Kate Middleton. After returning from a tour to America, Kate Middleton is no longer occupies the apartment with William. Kate Middleton will occupy Kensington Palace with Prince William. Before Kate Middleton lived in the palace, the couple settled in apartments Clarence House, London. Since William was single, he lived there with his brother Prince Harry.

Apartments in London it is not too large, there are only two rooms and one bathroom. So the court is asking the William and Kate moved to a bigger place. At Kensington Palace, she will likely occupy the apartment that used to be a residence of William and his late mother, Princess Diana. The apartment has five bedrooms.

Kensington Palace Kate Middleton

The court said that since a few weeks ago, William and Kate had to stay in the 'new home'. Currently all the stuff they have also moved into the palace.

But according to palace sources, like William and Kate will not forever stay in Kengsinton. Both want to have a ranch-style homes were more likely to build a family.
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