Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Why Kate Middleton Using Old Dress

Why Kate Middleton Using Old Dress. Unlike other women, Kate Middleton is a woman who still likes the old trend. Usually, women often follow the latest fashion trend and wear it. Most women do not want to miss the latest trends in fashion. In contrast to Kate Middleton who still likes to use her old clothes collection.

An example is some time ago Kate Middleton wearing Alexander McQueen design. This outfit has a design like a sailor.

The design of the clothing was once used by artists from "Sex and the City" movie, Sarah Jessica Parker. Sarah uses this outfit about five years ago.

Kate Middleton sailor alexander mqueen white sarah jessia parker

At five years ago, she wore a navy blue colored clothes. Sarah was wearing at the time of the event at the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Meanwhile, Kate Middleton, using the white clothes. Kate Middleton using shoes that matched her clothes.

It shows that Kate Middleton is not ashamed to use old design or trend. According to her, in dress, the most important is the suitability of clothing with body shape.
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