Thursday, July 28, 2011

William And Catherine Royal Romance Movie

William And Catherine Royal Romance Movie.The love story of Prince William and Kate Middleton will be made into a movie by Hallmark. The film will air on television was called 'William And Catherine: A Royal Romance'. The film will be aired first in America, August. Actors 'Dan Amboyer' will act as Prince William and actress Alice St. Clair to Kate Middleton.

'William and Catherine: A Royal Romance "directed and written by Linda Yellen. Amboyer revealed, Yellen was working with the extraordinary in the cultivation of this film.

"He really tried to make this wonderful story and will show many things that can so you never know the facts and reality," said Amboyer as quoted by Sky.

Men who previously often appeared in the Broadway show was added, in the film they are not afraid to show the real side of the royal love story. Amboyer promises there will be many interesting things in the movie that starred it.

Besides Amboyer, movie love story of William and Kate will also starred veteran American actor, Victor Garber. Emmy Award-winning actor's role as Prince Charles. While the actress Jean Smart plays Camilla Parker.

Watch the William & Kate The Movie: Royal Romance

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