Sunday, August 14, 2011

6 Facts About Kate Middleton's Biography

6 Facts About Kate Middleton's Biography. Many things and other facts of Kate Middleton is not yet known. Prior to her marriage with Prince William, many people who do not know who Kate Middleton. Here are some interesting facts about Kate Middleton.

1. Kate will become the oldest royal bride. Kate Middleton get married at the age of 29 years. Meanwhile, Princess Diana, were married at the age of 20 years with Prince Charles in 1981. But that age makes Kate Middleton has a better chance for a future with William. The couple, who married at the age of nearly 30 years, has a smaller risk of divorce than those who married young.

2. Unlike most other brides, she does not need to bother thinking about the details of stress or luxury weddings. In addition to choosing a bridesmaid (possibly involving his sister, Pippa), Kate other responsibilities just look fabulous and be the perfect royal bride. Everything else will be prepared by the staff of the kingdom, according to a source at the magazine U.S. empire.

kate middleton biography

3. After marriage, she wanted to be called by his real name, Catherine. He felt the name Catherine is more appropriate to use. If one day he and William became king and queen, Kate will be 6th Queen in the UK.

4. She chose to wear a diamond ring and 18-carat sapphire engagement ring belonging to Diana, because this ring means so much to William. Even so, Prince Harry did not seem to follow her to choose something to his future wife at Zales diamond store. He reportedly wanted to inherit property Diana Cartier watches.

5. It took eight years until finally William felt confident with her choice, and decided to marry Kate. But after marriage, it seems Kate does not need to work hard and develop her own career. She reportedly will always accompany William in all its activities. Currently she has commissioned four of Scotland Yard bodyguard to protect him, to adjust itself to a new public role.

6. Kate has grown into a new fashion icon in England. Even so, her performance will now be further considered. For example, a blue dress she wore during a press conference to announce his engagement was designed by Issa London. Since then, every item worn-Kate from head to toe, always be discussed thoroughly.
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