Monday, August 1, 2011

Kate Middleton's Wedding Earrings Worth 15 Thousand Pounds

Kate Middleton's Wedding Earrings Worth 15 Thousands Pounds. Kate Middleton seen wearing a pair of diamond earrings on her wedding day. Reportedly, earrings designs of Robinson Pelham Zoe Benyon was valued at 15 thousand pounds.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Monday (05/02/2011), these earrings are a gift from her parents for the wedding of the princess. Robinson Pelham was never released the price of these earrings. However, according to sources close to the designer, earrings were worth 15 thousand pounds.

Kate Middleton Wedding Earring

Kate's earrings that used an oak leaf-shaped diamonds combined with a pear shape. Earrings were designed to be precisely combined with tiara worn the wife of Prince William. Kate earring designs inspired by the new symbol of the Middleton family.
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