Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Kate Middleton's Weight Closer to 95 Pounds

Kate Middleton's Weight closer to 95 pounds. According to several media sources, Kate Middleton weight decreased. In some recent photos, Kate Middleton looked thin. Some say that Kate Middleton is often for refusing to eat. Kate Middleton often do exercises to burn calories. This is done to keep her body still ideal.

But lately, Kate Middleton looks too skinny. Many opinions that say that there are some things that cause Kate Middleton getting thin. Among other things,

1. Rumors of terrorist threat to Kate Middleton, so that makes stress and become thin. It looks after Kate and William went to the headquarters of the SAS to do the exercises.

2. Concerned about the life of Prince William, because William had to undergo a special operation in the Royal Air Force.

3. Pressure from the public so that Kate Middleton has a son soon.

These things are new rumors, but maybe it could be a major cause of Kate Middleton to become thin.
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