Friday, August 5, 2011

Katie Holmes Wants to Design Kate Middleton's Clothes

Katie Holmes Wants to Design Kate Middleton's Clothes. Designing clothes for the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton appears to be the dream of all designers. Wife of Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes is one of them.

All matters relating to the wife of Prince William is always a concern. Including clothing and the way she dressed. Almost all the dresses or overalls she was wearing, always out on the market.

Perhaps this is the reason of Katie Holmes. Katie Holmes wants Kate Middleton wearing clothes from his fashion line, 'Holmes & Yang'.

"Everyone in England loves her, the Duchess of Cambridge. I really wanted to design clothes for her," said Katie Holmes, as quoted by Female First.

In addition to dress like Kate Middleton, Katie wants to design clothes for famous singers such as Alicia Keys and Adele. Not only that, she also wanted the costumes worn by all the women from housewives to women state officials.

"I really like Adele and Alicia Keys. There are many women from rockstar to heads of state who want me dressed. But I would be very happy if housewives, teachers and other women like my fashion collection," said Katie.

As has been reported previously, she worked with her ​​stylist, Jeanne Yang in releasing the clothing line. 'Holmes & Yang' sold in one department store in New York, Barneys. Dresses are also sold online.
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