Thursday, October 13, 2011

Transparent Stockings Become More Popular Because of Kate Middleton

Transparent Stockings Become More Popular Because of Kate Middleton. Kate Middleton often received criticism because she often using skin color stockings which are popular in 1980. But apparently that stockings followed by many Kate Middleton fans and make that stockings is back in demand.

Many people are considered, the effect of these stockings make Kate Middleton looks old. But like celebrities, her own sister Pippa Middleton and young actress Hayden Panettiere was started to follow this trend.

kate middleton transparent stockings

It is observed by shopping UK, Debenhams. They also launched a transparent stockings for all skin colors for everyday wear. In contrast to most of the stockings that have a glossy effect, this product truly resembles the color of the wearer's skin, but make your feet stay warm.

Joana Townsend, buyers in the clothing department Debenhams said: "This woman's arms to keep warm in winter, when wearing black stockings look depressed."

Townsend also said that the transparent stockings are made ​​based on research by the lack of production of stockings for those who are dark skinned. During this time the color of 'natural' and nude 'tends to make her legs look too bright and make legs effects like distorted.
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