Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kate Middleton Beulah Red Dress Not Elegant?

Kate Middleton Beulah Red Dress Not Elegant? As in my previous post, Kate Middleton finally appeared with a new beulah red dress. Although many fashionista said that he is not a trend setter, but still stylish Duchess of Cambridge is eagerly awaited by everyone.

Comes with a red nightgown, she looks beautiful while posing with her husband, Prince William. But there is something wrong with this dress, the shape of shapelessness in the dress fabric to make a little 'jersy'.

Intent 'jersy' here is the dress looks not so elegant, like the dresses Kate before. But even so, the red nightgown and prove that she was not pregnant as some news that blows hard lately.

kate middleotn beulah red dress

Back to Kate Middleton fashion style, after some outfit that seemed "normal" seems Kate was not the style of fashion. Kate's simple style and tend to follow what is stipulated by the kingdom.

Maybe she was not too concerned with her ​​appearance but more forward performance as the Duchess of Cambridge. Nevertheless, the fashion world still curious about what's going to wear later.
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