Thursday, November 17, 2011

Middleton and Kardashian Family, Who's More Fashionable?

Middleton and Kardashian Family, Who's More Fashionable? In the latest news on internet, Kim Kardashian would make her wedding dress more beautiful than Kate Middleton.

She also want to make her wedding more hype than the Royal Wedding. Kim has a sister who also good in dressing and love the whole fashion of women. At this moment, both Kate Middleton and Pippa Middleton become public attention because of they appearance.

kate middleton versus kim kardashian

Kate Middleton style always give some affect to the world's fashion. And now, Pippa Middleton following her sister Kate. But, which do you prefer Middleton of Kardahsian family if one day they have some nomination or fashion award about the most fashionable women in the world?

Personally, i don't think The Kardashian family can beat the Middleton style. Because they only look sexy, but not good in dress. It just my opinion.
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