Friday, November 11, 2011

What Kate Middleton Wear When She Pregnant?

What Kate Middleton Wear When She Pregnant? Kate Middleton is reportedly pregnant by some Internet articles. That Issues rise up because Kate and Prince William have set up a nursery in their home.

As quoted by Radar Online, the couple who got married last 29 April 2011, would renovate they home. Prince William spends up to U.S. $ 1.6 million or around Rp 14 billion for the renovation.

In that house there are 20 rooms, a spacious living room, there is room for staff and surrounded by gardens. Not only that, in the house there is also a nursery.

That house was once occupied by Princess Margaret (sister of Queen Elizabeth) and her husband Antony Armstrong-Jones. Since the death of Margaret in 2002, the mansion has been cleared.

Now, can you imagine what about Kate Middleton looks when she pregnant? What style that suitable for her body weight. I think, her body weight will increasing because of her pregnant.

Let's we wait about her next info. I can't wait what Kate Middleton will wear when she pregnant.
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