Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kate Middleton's Hat by Gina Foster Design

Kate Middleton's Hat by Gina Foster Design. At the wedding of Zara Phillips, Kate Middleton using a long brown coat. This is a collection of his old coat. Since 2006, Kate Middleton has often used this long coat.

At the wedding, the special style of Kate Middleton is the hat that make some people pay attention to her. Kate Middleton uses a new hat. The brown hat, designed by Gina Foster.

kate middleton hat gina foster

That Kate Middleton's hat is really new. She was wore that hat for the first time at Zara Phillips wedding. That hat which designed by Gina Foster looks a bit big and like a pancake. But when Kate put it on, she still awesome.

kate middleton brown hat gina foster
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