Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Who is Kate Middleton's Wedding Hair Stylist?

Who is Kate Middleton's Wedding Hair Stylist. Marriage between Prince William and Kate Middleton became the grandest wedding ceremony in 2011. All preparations are being run from a wedding dress, decor and food will be served.

In addition, the hair stylists to wedding Kate Middleton has also been determined. James Pryce believed to be a hair stylist at Kate's big day.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, James Pryce is a hairdresser in London. Male 33 years working with Richard Ward salon in Chelsea.

Kate Middleton wedding hair stylist

James gives color to the Kate's brunette hair in her wedding day. Stylist who has experience of about 15 years, also helped other teams to do the makeup Kate Middleton wedding preparations.
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