Sunday, October 9, 2011

Kate Middleton's Fashion Show

Kate Middleton's Fashion Show. While in college, Kate Middleton ever done fashion show for charity. On that fashion show, Kate Middleton wearing a transparent trough dress. In the latest news info,  Kate Middleton's transparent trough dress sold in auction about $125, 884. Before she married, Prince William attended in Kate Middleton fashion show. He attended Kate Middleton fashion show only to saw her.

Kate Middleton Fashion show

Some news information tell that Kate Middleton dress give attention to Prince William on this fashion show. After that Kate Middleton Fashion show, Prince William started to give more attention to Kate Middleton. That Kate Middleton Fashion Show changed Prince William life. If he never attend that fashion show, maybe he never see Kate Middleton.

Prince William saw Kate Middleton Fashion Show

On that fashion show, Kate Middleton become the center of attention. Everyone saw her dress and look amazing, including Prince William.
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