Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mary Portas Dismisses Kate Middleton Fashion Sense

Mary Portas Dismisses Kate Middleton Fashion Sense. Every people in the world is known Kate Middleton as Style Icon. Kate Middleton also has many fashion and style followers. Many women wants to copy the Kate Middleton's Style. However, there are some people who dislike Kate Middleton style. One of them is Mary Portas. Mary Portas Dismisses Kate Middleton Fashion and Style Sense.

Mary Portas still don't know, why Kate Middleton style and fashion become hype. Mary Portas Not convinced that Kate Middleton as a style icon.

When Mary Portas interviewed by Heat Magazine, she said "I do not know how you can say Kate Middleton is a fashion icon. Is that fashion? I just don't get that."

But the fact, Kate Middleton style is still become popular. Every dress which wore by Kate Middleton will sold just in a second. Many designer and world celebrities praised her elegant and chic looks.
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