Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Debenhams Launch Transparent Stocking

Debenhams Launch Transparent Stocking. Kate Middlleton appearances has been criticized because of her light stockings. The transparent stocking that Kate Middleton wore gives some bad effect for the kingdom.

But Pippa Middleton and Hayden Panettiere following the trend by wearing transparent stockings. The British weather gets colder and it makes transparent stockings users increases.

Debenhams tried to follow the trend by launching a transparent stockings that can be used all skin colors. Tight stockings will be available in different shades for those with olive skin, Indian, mixed race or black can also try this trend, Wednesday (12/10).

kate middleton debenhamas stocking

In this product, Debenhams has reduced the effect of shining in the foot when wearing panty hose. As a result, your legs look like not wearing stockings.

But the users still get the warmth offered by a pair of stockings. Available colors include tan, bronze, and coffee that can make skin look brighter like wearing a beige or honey. They are all available in three sizes and price 3.50 pounds.

Debenhams stockings buyers, Joanna Townsend said this is one of the best fashion secret.
  "Producing products in the nude color does not have to take one size and we are confident that these stockings will appeal to women of all ethnicities and ages"
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