Sunday, November 6, 2011

Michael Boadi, Enshrine Kate Middleton Scent Perfume

Michael Boadi, Enshrine Kate Middleton Scent Perfume. Charm of Kate Middleton was so wonderful, that is the reason of the perfume creators enshrine her scent perfume into a perfume.

Yes, this perfume scent inspired by the Duchess of Cambridge when he got married to Princess William. White Gardenia Petals by Illuminum, is the name of the perfume that he made.

That perfume is described as 'the scent of white flowers that blow in the open window' was sold out in minutes, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

kate middleton perfume scent Illuminum

To get it again, people must line up on the waiting list for two weeks. Parfume eith 50ml size is sold for 70 pounds per bottle or about $ 1 million.

This is of course raises hysteria in the world of beauty. The man behind the creation of the perfume named Michael Boadi. He will open his own perfume shop in London. Amounting to 135 square meters shop in Dover Street, London will sell 32 kinds of other fragrances.

Complete collection of perfume, aroma candles sold anyway, car deodorizer, air freshener up with a timer.

Equipped with a seal of approval from the manufacture of the royal family, it is no wonder this new brand immediately reap tremendous success and became the newest shopping destinations in Britain.
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