Sunday, November 6, 2011

Kate Middleton Won't be Regarded as Fashion Puppet

Kate Middleton Won't be Regarded as Fashion Puppet. Kate Middleton is already regarded as a princess with stylish figure in the world public. Any clothing, accessories, and shoes she has wore, to boutiques and shopping malls that he went, become something special for every people.

However, the Duchess of Cambridge is apparently want to be careful not to be regarded as a  "fashion puppet" or a fashion victim, especially during the her tour at Canada and North America.

Palace of St. James has published ad to find a housekeeper and stylist clothes during the trip, but she removed and canceled because he felt it was just a waste steps. For the nine-day trip, she will prepare his own clothes and wore makeup itself.

kate middleton makeup beauty face

The only person, besides the secretary and assistant, who will assist her on the trip was James Pryce, Kate's favorite hairdresser. Kate did not want too much interference of others to create a certain image on her, she just needed a James who helped ensure her hair arranged with defects at any time, that's all.

Kate is just living in the kingdom environment for 2 months, but she has changed the way people view the world about her family. She always chose here own clothes, dressed in her own way, and appeared fashionable as something that is not coercion. She did not want to be a doll or puppet that everything in the set by others, she still wanted to be independent and normally figure despite her status has changed.
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