Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kate's Replica Engagement Ring Sold 200 Pieces Every Week

Kate's Replica Engagement Ring Sold 200 Items Every Week. Since announcing her engagement to Prince William, Kate Middleton style and fashion make attention of many people. Whatever she had worn, copied and sold everywhere.

The most Kate's fashion item that is much imitated is her engagement ring with William. Marks & Spencer was a retailer who makes replica engagement ring Kate with Prince William. As quoted from the Telegraph, the ring is so best selling accessories that are sold Marks & Spencer.

Since its launch by M & S in March, the legacy of Princess Diana's ring sold more than 200 pieces each week. Fashion world believes that the production of M & S does have a very good quality for a counterfeit.

Kate's Replica Engagement Ring Sold 200 Pieces Every Week

Replica ring is plated with platinum sparkle like a diamond, has a design that is classy, ​​elegant, and very similar to the original. Kate Crossey, Design Manager for Footwear and Accessories M & S said, since the lavish wedding that took place, the design of a classic accessory that gives the impression of the vintage has become very popular.

Not only M & S are making a advantages from her imitation goods. Debenhams also expressed the same thing last April. Replica ring of the Duchess of Cambridge became a very popular accessory and sells in the market. Original ring worth millions of pounds, but copies can be obtained no less stunning at a price of £ 13.50.

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