Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kate's Royal Wedding in Legoland

Kate's Royal Wedding in Legoland. What is the indication to know that your wedding is something really amazing? Indications that a wedding is when you get a warm welcome from Lego.

An example is the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Not just a family event involving the happiness of the bride, the royal family, as well as the British public, the wedding party has also been characterized as one of the most famous moment in the calendar of the modern world.

royal wedding in legoland

Especially after recently Legoland park in Windsor creating a highly detailed diorama giant, which not only projecting the bride and groom, but also the invited guests, royal train, and the most impressive, miniature Buckingham Palace as a backdrop.

In addition to the figure of Queen Elizabeth, Prince Harry, and Prince Charles, in a miniature grand wedding a la Lego is you can also see some of the celebrity figure who was the guest of honor, like the figure of David and Victoria Beckham and Sir Elton John.

royal wedding in legoland lego

To realize such an amazing obsession, at least it takes more than 30 hours and 10,000 Lego blocks to create a miniature crowd Royal Wedding, and 550 hours and 160,000 Lego blocks to assemble Buckingham Palace is also one of the main menu in celebration of the 15th anniversary of Legoland Windsor.

Source: ghiboo.com
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