Monday, November 14, 2011

Prince Harry's Girlfriend Loves Kate Middleton's Shoes

Prince Harry's Girlfriend Loves Kate Middleton's Shoes. Kate Middleton has become the wife of a prince and became the style inspiration everywhere, and Chelsy Davy now seemed to be one of a girl who was struck by "something" that possessed her. Perhaps he also tried to follow her footsteps by improving her style became more feminine and classy.

As we know, Kate is quite often wear wedges stylish black pumps from LK Bennett, for example, when shopping for two consecutive days in Warehouse and Banana Republic before The Royal Wedding, at the Goring Hotel London during the last wave as a commoner before proposed by Prince William, or as it appears the first time after The Royal Wedding, this time worn with a black blazer and a blue mini dress from Zara.

Thursday, May 5, 2011, Chelsy, Prince Harry's girlfriend, was trying the same pair of wedges in a shop called Office, with a much cheaper price. If LK Bennett wedges made of patent leather and rattan can be purchased for 129.99 Euros per pair, Chelsy was busy looking around and wear wedges Office worth 60 Euros which looks very similar, only made of suede and cork.

Kate Middleton black LK Bennett Shoes

Chelsy looks quite interested in the row of shoes are displayed at the Office, but as the story of Cinderella, beautiful shoes are in fact less suitable at the foot of Chelsy. The 25 years Girl has finally left the store wearing a pair of white plimsolls, similar to those he wore when start shopping. Less can be ascertained whether Chelsy so buy a pair of wedges a la Kate or not, but who looks at his hands is just denim jacket that he was folding.

It is proved that the virus is spread by Kate had alighted everywhere, not just ordinary people are fascinated by the understated style, the lover of her sister-in-law had come to be interested to look more beautiful. But even in love with Kate's shoes, there is no sign that Chelsy will follow her footsteps as a member of the royal family, especially considering Chelsy has several times off and on with Harry.
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