Monday, November 14, 2011

Kate Don't Like Much Makeup

Kate Don't Like To Much Makeup. At her wedding day, Kate Middleton is going to do a lot of things that deviate from the tradition of royal marriage in general. When Princess Diana provides two dresses for her wedding day, she chose to provide three.

Then at the moment almost all the women on this planet choose pamper yourself with the best bridal makeup, she prefers to makeup his face without any help from others.

Kate Middleton Makeup

"Kate Middleton has received some makeup training from a leading makeup artist in London, Arabella Preston. After that, she became more and more comfortable to do it themselves," said Mark Niemierko, the wedding planner.

"I heard that Arabella Preston was called by a friend of Kate. She has given special makeup lessons for three or four days at she private flat in Chelsea and also went with the guard to Clarence House.

Arabella had initially intended to come to a happy day Kate and William, but not anymore because she feels comfortable and confident to do the makeup yourself. " she added. The concept of Kate who always want to appear simply by issuing an informal character and keep a few things to remain normal in fact been out of bounds.

Modest figure of a princess who had indeed looked at her self for a long time, but it would be wonderful if she let herself in a normal ritual that all women do on her wedding day.

Kate Middleton Makeup kate don't like much makeup

Niemierko, as an experienced wedding planner also said that the bride should look glamorous and different from the days usually. Using extra makeup is an obligation of reasonable, especially for photo shoots.

This serves to give the impression of a special and privileged atmosphere at the bride who married only once in a lifetime. However, reality says another. Kate did not like the use of makeup is too much on his face.

Even as a makeup artist handles his face on the day of her engagement last November. Remember the days when Kate's engagement photos are phenomenal! Yes, her natural makeup and shiny is was the work of her own!
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