Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kate and Justin Bieber, Should They Together?

Kate Middleton & Justin Bieber, should they together? Justin Bieber's success and the fame of Kate Middleton can create a new business that will dredge a lot of advantages.

Recently reported that the family of Kate Middleton made a partnership with the management of Justin Bieber, so the new family member Duchess Of Cornwall is allowed to sell anything related to Justin Bieber.

kate middleton and justin bieber

Everything means everything is true. Starting from T-shirts, mugs, hats, dolls, toys and anything that has a logo or image inside Justin Bieber, to the rights of the family of Kate Middleton.

Of course, this becomes a field of money with no small amount, considering Justin Bieber fans in Britain also must have amounted to very much. Previously, there was a drug store in Toronto, Canada, who made ​​a tribute for Justin Bieber.

The award is in the form of the name 'JB Kush' to a new type of marijuana that is legally sold there.

source: ghiboo.com
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